WWE Receives Low SummerSlam Buyrate

WWE’s latest key performance indicators packet confirms yet another disappointing buyrate for the company.

According to the WWE document, August’s Summerslam PPV garnered approximately 350,000 buys, which represents a decline from last year’s already-disappointing performance.

A few months ago, Vince McMahon predicted that Summerslam would be the start of WWE’s PPV turnaround and there was hope that the Nexus push would move numbers.

Here is a look at recent Summerslam buyrates:

Summerslam 2006: 529k buys (61% Domestic – 11/1/07 8-K form) = 322k domestic
Summerslam 2007: 537k buys (66% Domestic – 11/1/07 8-K form) = 354k domestic
Summerslam 2008: 477k buys ($39.95) @ 66% domestic = 315k domestic ($12.6MM domestic PPV revenue split)
Summerslam 2009: 369k buys ($39.95) @ 63% domestic = 232k domestic ($9.3MM domestic PPV revenue split)
Summerslam 2010: 350k buys ($44.95) @ 56% domestic = 196k domestic ($8.8MM domestic PPV revenue split)




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  • PowerUp 5000

    Why buy a PPV that’s 40 or 50 bucks that won’t be worth ur money ? This is why WWE buyrates are going down. U rather watch Sunday football or vist ur local Sports Bars that show WWE PPV 4 free.

  • outsidergold

    the nexus was supposed to be what turned around the ppv number??? this must be a joke.

  • DigitalVirus82

    WWE just need me for some ideas for SummerSlam 🙂

  • annonymous

    SummerSlam had a low buyrate because the card sucked..
    The lead in to the show made it not worth bothering to pay money for..

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