WWE Cross-Promoting RAW & SmackDown, Christian vs. Del Rio Plans

– With WWE’s RAW and SmackDown now on NBC Universal owned TV stations, expect more cross-promotion between the show. WWE may do something like an angle on Monday night that will lead to Friday’s show or at least promote SmackDown more on RAW.

– WWE had to end the Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio feud early because of Christian’s injury. Christian is expected to return around the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania and a match with Del Rio at WrestleMania has been discussed, depending on what happens with Del Rio in the next few months.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • outsidergold

    del rio vs christian @ wrestlemania would be sweet. christian coming back and settling the score with del rio, hands him his 1st loss 😀 can’t wait for smackdown vs raw 2011 !

  • K Law

    somebody woke up on the wrong side of sheamus’s hole

  • PowerUp 5000

    Smackdown always gives there Talent Bigger (PUSHES) then Raw. I think WWE is about 2 combine all talent on both shows again. One World Champ

  • The Fulken

    Smackdown pushes more then RAW? Really? How many times has Sheamus been WWE Champion compare to Jack Swagger being World Champion? Daniel Bryan who hasn’t been with WWE that long is already the US Champion. So far on Smackdown, its the same people going back and forth for their titles. I don’t see no pushes besides Dolph Ziggler’s recently.

    This inter-brand exchange should create fresh new feuds or revive some great ones.

  • breaking the code

    whens jericho coming back?

  • 619

    Sorry mr. Fulken,but i cant agree with u on one point.daniel brayn is a great wrestler.and many have approved that like jericho,cena,hbk and many more.i am not saying that swagger has no talent.he also have gutwretch powerbomb,ankle lock.he is also a star,but danielson is a bigger talent than dolph or swagger or bourne.

  • Rob Angle

    Yes….you are right 619.both daniel bryan and jack swagger are stars.

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