Plans for Monday’s Live RAW, Ratings News for the Final NXT Episode

– Tuesday night’s final episode of WWE NXT on SyFy scored an 0.7 cable rating with 964,000 viewers. This was the first NXT episode that averaged less than 1 million viewers and was the least-watched episode. Through 4 episodes of season three on SyFy, the show averaged 1.09 million viewers.

– Plans for this coming Monday’s RAW in Wichita, Kansas include an angle to further the General Manager storyline and the beginning of the RAW brand forming it’s team for WWE’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville will be the guest star.

WrestleMania Storylines Revealed, Several New WWE Feuds Planned

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • lawrence


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  • The Fulken

    NXT isn’t for ratings… Its to give you a look at fresh new faces that could be in the WWE. The show wasn’t designed to pull in RAW or Smackdown ratings…

    Last years Bragging Rights was good. Hope this years deliver as well…

  • ballsack

    i know right lawrence? The sheamus guy is like the other version of k law who loves cena BUT, in all honesty, i rather be cool with a cena fan then a sheamus fan who probably wishes to GET at sheamus.

  • lawrence

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