WWE Announces Pee-Wee Herman is Coming to RAW

– WWE has announced that Pee-Wee Herman will guest star on RAW on November 1st. Here is the updated list of upcoming RAW guest hosts:

October 4th: Johnny Knoxville
October 11th: Danny McBride
October 18th: Bobb’e J. Thompson
October 25th: Toby Keith
November 1st: Pee-Wee Herman

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  • themike

    Pee-wee? I think wwe has hit rock bottom with guest host. I hope pee-wee gets a least a chokeslam, that would b worth watchn.

  • Nazi killer

    Pee wee Herman? That.s sad. They should get a real celebrity on there, otherwise what.s the point? Do they think pee wee will draw viewers?

  • Tony Whiting

    You gotta be Joking!! PEE WEE HERMAN?? to Host RAW?? A Shameful SHAMEFUL idea! Is RAW gonna be is BIG adventure Yet? *L*

  • The Fulken

    Actually, Pee Pee could draw big seeing how people would be curious to know exactly what he’s going to do on RAW….

  • Your poop says

    i rather watch reruns of TNA. Wwe has lost by getting that retard as a host. I hope he gets an rko or a boot the the face by the human jar of mayonaise.

  • Miracle whip

    John cena started the “human jar of mayonaise” bit. Can we stop calling him that now? It’s just dumb.

  • anonymous

    So say the blogger calling themself Miricle Whip…

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