Update on Matt Hardy’s WWE Status

– Regarding Matt Hardy’s present status with World Wrestling Entertainment, both sides remain at a strong stalemate.

Company officials want Hardy to address his issues, but he doesn’t want to. Furthermore, they are unwilling to release him at this time because they don’t want him joining rival promotion TNA Wrestling.

One company source indicated that the touring schedule has been hectic as of late and when things settle down following Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, Hardy’s situation will likely be addressed.

Source: F4Wonline




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  • The Fulken

    Hardy doesn’t need a fucking push… He’s not a main eventer or world champion material. He needs to suck it up and understand his fucking role in this world. He was born a mid-carder and he’ll die a mid-carder.

  • anonymous

    Im sick of hearing about Matt Friggen Hardy.
    WWE should continue to hold his career hostage and make him sit at home. This should happen until Matt stops whining and bitchin and acting like a fucken child..

  • m m

    ten reasons why wwe should release matt hardy:
    1. he has limited moves
    2. he has awful boring moves
    3. he keeps on complaining
    4. he cant do swanton like his brother
    5. all he can do is a leg drop because he is fat
    6. he is fat
    7. he’s a bad heel, bad face, either..literally
    8. poor charisma
    9. has a weird looking stance before he makes his finishing manuever…he move sideways, left to right, raises both of his hands, and he looks like he has hip dislocation or something when he moves.
    10. his brother is way much better than him…talk about comparison. sorry matt, ur less.

  • Your poop says

    lol wow so much negativity towards matt.

  • fook yew

    11. Matt hardy is an idiot

  • m m

    stagnant career

  • ballsack

    hw do u know hes a virgin? ( talk about gay) anyway matt hardy has no commitment to wwe and probably wants to head over to tna

  • glowing123

    I am a fan of Matt Hardy. surprised to hear he’s gay.Hope this is not true. Issue is not Matt but Drew Mackintosh he has to go for humiliating a Black man on national TV.We have enough to worry about without controversial race issues.
    Please release Matt Striker from his job. he was a lousy wrestler now more stupid with his mouth.

  • Alex

    umm… so does nobody seem to give a shit jericho might be leaving?

  • Nazi killer

    Jericho.s not gone for good. Just taking a hiatus. He.s been known to do that. That.s how he stays healthy. He.ll be back to feud with Orton.

  • HeadFalcon

    Stop dissing Matt Hardy!!! He is just as great as his brother, Jeff Hardy but fricken WWE hasn’t given him a good push and they probably won’t! So im just hoping that he goes to TNA so atleast he is getting appreciated more than all of you guys!

  • Fook Yew


  • DJMVP281

    ol wow so much negativity towards matt.

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