Update on Batista’s MMA Career

Any talk of former WWE star David Batista actually having a fight in MMA has dramatically quieted down in recent weeks. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter added that those close to him feel that while he may have had an interest in training, he probably won’t fight on a professional level. His asking price was said to be very high and any talks with Strikeforce appear to be off the table because of it.




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  • Hurricane

    What’s up with that?

  • m m

    you got to prove you can fight the real fight first before you ask for a high pay. you can’t use your batista bomb in mma.hahaha

  • batista sucks

    Batista in mma is a joke.

  • DX4EVR

    Dude… Batista in MMA would be awesome! He’s who got me into WWE. If Lesnar can go to the top of MMA, and Batista was even better than Lesner, then Batista would probably be the best MMA fighter ever. Batista was probably the best wrestler WWE ever had, they just pushed Cena instead.

  • batista sucks

    well at least brock lesnar aint a greedy bastard that wants a higher pay. He’ll never make it in mma, no body will hire if he is asking for such a high pay price. COMPLETE JOKE! I only liked him in wwe.

  • The Fulken

    Batista better then Brock??? Cocaine is one hell of a drug and you just proved it…. No way in hell do I think you believe what you just said… Brock is an actual amateur wrestler.

  • Reaver

    Brock was a collegiate level wrestler. Those guys always do great in MMA. Batista is the wrestling version of Kanye, if he was as good as his ego said he was he’d be great but just like Kanye he’s all talk

  • Snake Eyez

    I know Batista has the size and power, but I doubt if hi has the technique MMA it’s a hole different league

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