Preview for WWE’s New Bobby Heenan DVD, RAW Stars at FCW, More

– The Miz, Alex Riley and Evan Bourne will be appearing at the FCW live event in Punta Gorda, Florida on Saturday, November 20th at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center.

– The bonus extra on WWE’s Night of Champions DVD will be a promo with Kane reacting to his World Heavyweight Title match victory over The Undertaker.

– WWE will be releasing a two-disc Bobby “The Brain” Heenan DVD set on December 28th. Below is the official synopsis:

“Fans loved to boo Bobby Heenan but despite their vocal displeasure with The Weasel, everyone acknowledges he’s the greatest manager in the history of sports entertainment. He guided members of the infamous Heenan Family to great heights in both the AWA and WWE, even occasionally stepping into the ring himself. He also further cemented his place in pro wrestling lore by becoming one of the great color commentators of all time, completely earning his 2004 induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Now, for the first time ever, fans can relive the Brain’s magnificent career in Bobby The Brain Heenan, a 2-disc DVD that tells the life story of Heenan as well as collects his most famous matches, interviews, and moments. “

NEW EXTRAS: Kelly with a Whip, WWE Team Reunites, Knockouts Kissing and MORE!




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  • The Fulken

    The Brain is definitely well deserving of having a DVD. He was one of my favorite play by play announcers and I loved how he also trash talked Hogan.

  • annonymous

    Heenan was a color commentator not play by play.. Even still, he is the best.
    Whoever he was teamed with it made for pure entertainment.
    His managerial run, he would alway get his guy over with the fans whether heel or the rare face.
    Cant wait for this dvd and would recommend all the humanoids out there, get their hands on a copy.

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