GCF Impact Raw – September 29, 2010

GCF Fans, It is time for Impact Raw! What a great PPV Sunday. We a plenty of new champions, and I am thinking about who should be the new challengers for each belt. If you have any ideas, email me at [email protected]. Let’s get started!

The American Airlines Center is sold out tonight for Impact Raw! We are coming off an amazing pay per view Sunday at Domination, and everyone is excited to hear about the new champions. “Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz, and what a great night at Domination.”  “You got that right Cole, it was an incredible night. Great matches all around, with plenty of upsets and new champions.”  “Speaking of new champions Tazz, we will hear from the NEW World Heavyweight Champion…..Edge!”  “Joe and Edge had an amazing match at Domination Cole, but Edge pulled through and finished Joe off with a Spear. Edge even kicked out of the Muscle Buster!”  “Edge wasn’t the only new champion on Sunday, Tazz. Dolph Ziggler is the new X Division Champion, in a great Ultimate X match. Also, Chris Jericho and Christian stole one from The Motor City Machineguns to become the GCF Tag Team Champions.”  “Hey Cole, don’t forget that the Olympic Gold Medalist is the new Number One Contender for the World Title!”  “Yeah Tazz, but you shouldn’t forget that Kurt Angle wouldn’t have won without Randy Orton sneaking in and hitting an RKO on Wade Barrett!”  “Yeah, Yeah, but Michael, Angle still had the genius to sneak in and pin Barrett while everyone else was down.”  “Haha, what ever you say Tazz. Another great match at Domination was the grudge match between Tyler Black and Mark Henry. Black somehow defeated the World’s Strongest Man with God’s Last Gift, and boy was Henry angry after that one.”  “I would have bet my soul on Henry, Cole! But Black managed to lift Henry up for that God’s Last Gift, and that was all she wrote.”  “Something else that shocked us at Domination, Tazz, was Matt Morgan interfering in the general manager’s match between Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff. After Jarrett performed The Stroke on Bischoff, and that should have been it, but Morgan ran in and attacked Jarrett. The end result was a double knockout. We have received word from management that for now, Jarrett and Bischoff will remain Co-Gm’s.”  “Well Cole, Morgan wanted to get on Eric’s good side, and that’s exactly what he did.”  “Oh yeah Tazz, don’t forget Carlito’s ridiculous open challenge. Carlito lured the debuting MVP out to the ring, and then viciously attacked him. Doctors do not have a timetable on when MVP will return.”  “I love the new Carlito, Cole.”  “Whatever Tazz, right now, we have our first match of the night, featuring the new X Division Champion, Dolph Ziggler!”

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali

Ziggler runs out and shows off his newly won X Division Title. The crowd shows their respect to Ziggler after some of the amazing moves he pulled off during the Ultimate X match by giving him a positive reaction. Ziggler walks down the ramp, ignoring all the fans wanting a high five. Dolph slides in the ring, and holds his title high for everyone to see. The Punjabi Playboy’s music hits and the fans show their support with some loud cheers. Khali looks at Ziggler with a smile, while Ziggler looks back nervously. Khali steps over the top rope. Khali gets into his corner, Ziggler hands his belt to a ringside official, and the bell rings. Khali and Ziggler go to the middle, and lock up. Khali easily pushes Ziggler back into the corner, and Khali traps him there. Khali lifts his gigantic hand up, then slaps Ziggler’s chest! Khali isn’t done, he does it one more time, before letting Ziggler go. Dolph’s chest turns a beat red, and he falls to the mat. Khali picks Ziggler up by his neck, pulls him high in the air, and slams his down with a chokeslam! Khali lays his boot on Ziggler for the pin, One, Two, Ziggler kicks out! Khali stands up, and gets the crowd ready for the Vice Grip! Ziggler gets to his feet, and Khali locks it in! Ziggler has no where to go, so he kicks back at Khali’s shin. Khali releases the hold, and goes to one knee. Ziggler runs against the ropes and dropkicks Khali. The big man doesn’t fall, and Ziggler can’t believe it. Dolph decides to head up to the top turnbuckle and wait for Khali to get to his feet. When Khali stands though, he kicks the top rope with his huge legs, and Ziggler loses his balance and lands in the corner. Khali walks over and punches Ziggler a few times before signaling for a Brain Chop while Ziggler sits in the corner! Khali goes for the chop, but Ziggler ducks underneath it and Khali slams his hand into the turnbuckle. Dolph heads back up to the top turnbuckle and jumps down at Khali! Ziggler wraps his arms around Khali’s neck on the way down, and then slams him down with the Zig Zag! Dolph hops on top of Khali for a pin, One, Two, and Three!

Winner- Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler jumps up and gets his hand raised by the referee. Dolph walks over and grabs his gold, and taunts the fallen Khali with it. “That was very quick thinking by Ziggler, Tazz. An amazing move by Dolph, jumping off the top turnbuckle, and slamming Khali down with the Zig Zag!” Ziggler walks up the ramp with his championship draped over his shoulders. We now go to the back where Todd Grisham is standing by.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Edge!” The fans go crazy in the arena. “Thanks Todd.”  “Edge, before you won at Domination, Kurt Angle won the Number One Contenders match. What are your thoughts on Kurt Angle being the new challenger for your prestigious championship?”  “Todd, I feel fantastic about it. Honestly, I don’t care about Kurt at all. Don’t you listen to what these fans chant to him? They chant You Suck. Do you know who thought of that? Yeah, me, the World Heavyweight Champion invented it. I beat Joe Sunday, and I will retain my title against Kurt whenever the time comes. In fact, right now, I’m going to Eric or Jeff or whoever the hell the GM is and I am demanding to know when I will face him. This isn’t the last time you will see Edge tonight. Remember that.”  Edge walks away with a devious grin on his face.
Back in the arena, the ring is clear, and it looks like it is time for the next match.

Chris Jericho w/ Christian vs. Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin

One half of the new GCF Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho comes out with his partner Christian with him. “If you remember Tazz, Sunday at Domination, Jericho and Christian completely screwed over The Guns by striking a deal with Team 3D. We still don’t know what that deal was, but it was enough to get Team 3D to completely cost The Guns the gold.” Jericho is in the ring talking to Christian now, strategizing about Jericho’s upcoming match against a vengeful Alex Shelley. The Guns music hits and the fans give them an amazing reaction. Shelley comes out first, followed by Sabin, and they run down the ramp. Sabin goes right after Christian on the outside, and Shelley slides in the ring going right a Jericho. The bell rings, but Shelley is already attacking Jericho. Shelley is all over Y2J, until we hear the theme music of Team 3D come on. Shelly goes to focus on the ramp, where Bubba and Devon walk out with steel chairs. Shelley and Sabin signal for them to bring it on, but Bubba and Devon just set the chairs up and sit at the top of the ramp. Shelley cools down, and walks over to Jericho, but Jericho uppercuts Shelley. Shelley gets knocked back by this and turns his back to Jericho, who runs and delivers a one handed bulldog on Shelley! Jericho tries for a pin, One, kick out by Shelley at One. Jericho quickly stands, jumps to the ropes, and attempts a Lionsault on Shelley, but Alex moves out of harms way. Jericho lands on his feet, but is greeted by a Superkick from Shelley. Jericho falls right down and Shelley goes for a pin, One, Two, Jericho kicks out! Shelley stands and jumps up to the top turnbuckle. Shelley points at Jericho and the fans cheer, but while the referee is checking on Jericho, Christian sneaks up to the ring apron, and shoves Shelley off the turnbuckle, causing Shelley to crash to the mat. Sabin runs over to Christian and takes him down. Sabin throws punches all over Christian, while Jericho and Shelley struggle to get to their feet in the ring. Jericho is up first, and Shelley stands up shortly after. Jericho runs over to Shelley, but Shelley reverses by leapfrogging over Jericho, causing Chris to run into the corner. Shelley rolls Jericho up, One, Two, and Jericho reverses with a roll up of his own, One, Two, Shelley kicks out! Both men jump up, and Jericho goes for a Codebreaker, but Shelley holds the ropes, and Jericho slams onto the mat. Shelley gets a bridge pin on Jericho, One, Two, Three!

Winner- Alex Shelley!

Shelley gets up to get his hand raised, but a furious Jericho also stands, spins Shelley around, and…Codebreaker! Jericho performs the Codebreaker on Shelley right after Alex pulled off the upset victory! Sabin gets in the ring and attacks Jericho, but is broken up by Team 3D, who have also snuck into the ring. Bubba hits Sabin hard with his steel chair, and Sabin grabs his back in pain. Devon quickly lifts the stunned Sabin up, and Bubba finishes with the 3D on Sabin! Jericho gets to his feet laughing and Christian enters the ring doing the same. Jericho is given a mic, and he begins to speak. “Everyone has been asking me, Chris, what is going on between you and Team 3D? Well let me explain. You see, Christian and I, being the geniuses that we are, knew that the only way The Guns would be able to beat us would be if they pulled off a sneaky roll up like Alex Shelley just did to me. So we told Bubba and Devon, that if we win the Tag Titles, we would give them the first shot at the gold. They helped us out a little bit, but at the end of the day, it was Christian and I, who were holding the gold. I’m a man of my word, so there they are you hypocrites and parasites, the new Number One Contenders for the Tag Titles, Team 3D!” All four men shake hands, and exit the arena together, while Sabin and Shelley try to recover in the ring. “I knew it Tazz! Team 3D only helped our Jericho and Christian to get a title shot of their own, and now the new number one contenders for the GCF Tag Team Championship!”  “Genius by Team 3D! They already hated The Guns, so it was a win-win for Team 3D!”  “How can you say that Tazz? We were robbed of a possible great match between the Guns and Jericho and Christian!?” Before Tazz can respond, we go to the back in the general manager’s office.
Eric is sitting behind his desk on the phone laughing, until Jeff Jarrett walks in. Eric tells the person on the phone that he will call him back and hangs up. “What the hell happened Sunday, Eric?! You screwed me of my general manager’s position. Did you pay Morgan off? What..”  Eric cuts in “Jeff, what I did was for GCF. You aren’t qualified for the general manager’s position, but I am. Matt did what he was supposed to do, and he will be rewarded for it. Right now, we need focus on the fact that we are the general managers. We need to make some descions, I already talked to Edge about Angle, and he will face Edge at the next GCF Pay per view, Resurrection.”  “This isn’t over Eric. I am still Co-GM, which mean I can make matches too. You’re in for a surprise.” Jarrett leaves through the door and slams it behind him.
When we go back, the first thing we hear is the music of Mark Henry, and it is time for a big tag team match between possible contenders for the IC Championship.

Tyler Black and R-Truth vs. Zack Ryder and Mark Henry

Henry walks down the ramp, still looking frustrated after Sunday’s loss to Black. Henry gets into the ring, not caring at the fans boos. Ryder is out next to the same amount of boos. “Zack Ryder has been on a roll as of late, while Henry has been on a slow start. Truth walks out singing his entrance theme to the delight of the fans. Truth is looking for a little redemption on Henry after Henry almost injured him last week. Truth waits on the ramp for his partner and Black’s music hits. The fans give him a great reaction, and he loves it. Black walks down the ramp and shakes Truth’s hand before both men slide in the ring. Truth goes after Ryder and clotheslines him over the ropes. The bell rings, but Black is already attacking Henry. Black shoves Henry against the ropes, and tries to Irish whip Henry, but Ryder from the outside grabs Blacks foot and trips him. Henry takes advantage by picking Black up and putting him in a Bear Hug! Black tries to escape, but Henry brings him to the middle of the ring. Black’s only hope was to reach over and tag in Truth. Truth reaches in as far as he can, and Black reaches over as well. They are fingertips away, but not close enough. Black begins to knee Henry’s big stomach, and Henry backs closer to Truth, which gets Black close enough to tag in Truth! Henry doesn’t notice, and Truth gets up to the top turnbuckle, and when the referee tells Henry that Truth has been tagged in, Henry lets Black go and turns around. Truth jumps down and hits Henry with a missile dropkick! Henry falls to the mat, and Truth shouts, “What’s up?!” Truth goes for a pin, One, Two, Henry powers out at two. Truth starts clapping his hands together, and the fans rally behind him. Henry gets up, and Truth kicks him in the gut. Truth runs against the ropes, and connects with an Axe Kick! Truth runs over and knocks Ryder off the ring apron. Truth jumps back and drapes his body over Henry for a pin, One, Two, Henry kicks out! The fans all boo at Henry, who is somehow still fighting even after the Axe Kick. Truth smiles at Henry, and then waits for Henry to stand. Henry uses the ropes to get to his feet, and when he does, Truth goes for the Lie Detector, but Henry knocks him down with a boot to the gut! Mark Henry knocks Truth down in mid air with a huge boot! Henry runs against the ropes, and then squashes the fallen Truth with a splash! Henry has the pin attempt, One, Two, Black breaks it up! Ryder goes after Black with a clothesline, but Black ducks underneath it, and then *BAM* Superkick to Ryder by Black! Ryder falls down and rolls to the outside. Black jumps to the outside and beats on Ryder some more. In the ring, Henry stands, while Truth struggles to get to his feet. When Truth gets to his feet, he turns around to Henry, and Truth slaps him hard right across the face! Henry furiously picks Truth up, and slams him down with a vicious World’s Strongest Slam! Henry goes for a pin on Truth, One, Two, and Three!!

Winner- Mark Henry and Zack Ryder

Henry stands up and screams at Truth. When Henry turns around though, he is hit with a Springboard Clothesline by Black! Henry crashes down to the mat, and Black jumps up to the top turnbuckle. Henry is defenseless, and Black connects with a Corkscrew 450 Splash! Black holds his stomach in pain, but points to the fans with a smile on his face. Black turns back to Henry, but before he can do anything else, Zack Ryder slides in the ring, grabs Blacks arm and performs the Zack Attack on Black! Ryder looks at the other three competitors and grins. “Man Cole, a great tag team match between all of the superstars. Black thought he had the last laugh after that corkscrew 450 splash, but Ryder sneaks in and connects with that sick Zack Attack!”  “Some statements were definitely made tonight Tazz, especially by Ryder.” Ryder exits the arena, but before the others can, Wade Barrett’s music hits and he storms to the ring with a mic in hand. As he walks up the stairs, he screams, “Cut the music!”  Barrett enters the ring and continues to speak, “At Domination, I should have won the Number One Contenders match. I hit my finishing move on AJ Styles, and I could feel the winds of change here in GCF. Then, while the referee was recovering, I was attacked with an RKO by Randy Orton. Kurt Angle then pinned me and I lost my chance. Randy Orton is jealous of the fact that I am better than him. So I am calling you out right now Orton, get down here right now!”  Barrett waits until….. I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand.                                                        
Orton walks to the ramp to deafening cheers from the crowd. Orton slithers into the ring, and grabs a mic. “You thought you could hurt me Wade. You thought you could injure me. You thought that I was going to go away that easily? You stand here and complain about how I cost you the match, I know I did, but what are you going to do about it?”  Orton throws his mic down, and Wade does as well. Barrett looks like he’s ready to take Orton down, but instead he lowers his fists and smiles. Orton whispers to Barrett, “I gave you a chance.” and then, RKO!! Orton screams at Barrett, and does his signature pose for the crowd. We get a shot of Orton before we fade to the back where Todd Grisham is backstage for an interview.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Samoa Joe.” Joe walks into the picture, and he looks angry. “Joe, after Kurt Angle won the Number One Contenders match, everyone though you became the favorite to win the World Heavyweight Title because of your hatred for Angle, but Edge managed to win the belt. What are your plans now that Edge is champion and Angle is next in line?” Joe looks down for a while and doesn’t say a thing. Joe looks at Grisham then back to the mic, before finally saying, “You’ll see.” Joe then walks away, and leaves Grisham with a confused look on his face.
“Let me tell you Cole, Joe is seriously pissed.”  “Definitely Tazz, I would not want to be near him right now.”

Raven vs. Rob Van Dam

Raven comes out wearing some very gothic clothing. The fans give him a neutral reaction, and he walks up the stairs into the ring. Van Dam’s music hits and the fans go insane for the future Hall of Famer! RVD quickly goes down ramp and slides into the ring. The bell rings and the two hardcore legends lock up. RVD pushes Raven away, and then levels him with a swift kick to the side. Raven backs into the corner, where RVD unloads on him with kicks and punches. RVD is in full control of this one, but on the ramp, it’s Stevie Richards! Van Dam turns his attention over to Richards, and from behind him, emerges Hardcore Holly and Tommy Dreamer! The three men begin to walk towards the ring. RVD turns back at Raven, and gets Gored, Gored, Gored!!! Rhino comes out of nowhere and Gores RVD!

Winner by DQ- RVD

Richards, Holly, and Dreamer are in the ring now, and Rhino gets greeted by all three men. Raven joins them, and Dreamer signals the group to continue the attack on RVD. Raven lifts RVD in a DDT position. Raven drives RVD’s head into the mat with an Even Flow DDT! Holly is up next, and he picks up RVD’s lifeless body, and then slams him back down for the Alabama Slam! The group looks at eachother in satisfaction, but then Eric Bischoff’s music comes on. Bischoff walks out with a mic in hand, while the hardcore group waits to see what he has to say. “I can see that you extreme guys are trying to make a statement. Well let me say that I get the message, you guys want something to fight for. You guys don’t really know what your purpose is here….yet. I am officially announcing that at Resurrection, there will be a Hardcore Invitational for the belt that is offcially coming out of retirement, the Hardcore Championship! Any man in that ring and any other former Hardcore Champion is welcome to enter the match, and the first pinfall will be the winner!” Bischoff walks out of the arena, leaving the Hardcore guys to talk about the upcoming match.
In the back we see Kurt Angle wearing a suit and tie, walking towards the arena. Back to the commentary table, Cole and Tazz are talking about what has happened. “Finally Cole, the Hardcore Championship is back and at Resurrection we will see a Hardcore Invitational and you know that match will be extreme!”  Right then, Kurt Angle’s music hits and the fans begin chanting, “You Suck!” but Kurt is to good of a mood for the fans to bother him. Angle slowly walks up the stairs, looking better than ever. Angle asks for a mic,butt before he talks, he lets the fans calm down. When they do, Angle begins, “A few weeks ago, I was screwed over by all of these offcials when they said that Joe was out of that cage before me. It was a very bad choice to have Joe in that match instead of me. But all is well here in GCF, because now I will face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship and I will win. You think you know me!  Edge walks out to the loudest positive reaction of the night. Edge walks down the ramp with his brand new World Heavyweight Title. Edge slides into the ring, and grabs a mic. “So Kurt, I was sitting in the back listening to you rant about how youre gonna beat me and how you were screwed by management. I just want you to know, that at Resurrection, you and I will have a match for my title, and that at the end of that match, it will be the Rated R Superstar holding his title high!”  Before things get ugly, Co-GM Jeff Jarrett makes his way out. “Hold it! Hang on you two. I have a major announcement! I told Bischoff that I would do something to show that I still have power around here. At Resurrection, It will be Kurt Angle against Edge, but one more man will be added to the mix. The World Heavyweight Championship match at Resurrection, it will be Edge versus Kurt Angle versus this man…..” Both men wait in the ring, but then a familiar music plays that makes Angle’s jaw drop. Samoa Joe walks out and stares at the two men in the ring. Angle is screaming at Jarrett, while Edge has a nervous look on his face. “What an announcement Tazz! At Resurrection, it will be Edge vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship!”  “That’s going to be awesome Cole!”  “Tazz, were out of time, make sure you’re here next week for Impact Raw!”  The last shot is of Joe staring at Edge and Angle in the ring.



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