Update on WWE Unifying the Top Titles

– Vince McMahon has gone back and forth on the time frame for unifying the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship, reports the Pro Wrestling Torch. At times he has wanted the unification to take place within 30 days, but company officials have urged him to wait until WrestleMania XXVII.

Many within the company feel they need to place the titles on the proper people and position them strongly in order to make the unification match a major event.

Though McMahon has come off adamant about unifying the titles, no one has ruled out the possibility of the WWE Chairman having a change of heart.

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  • PowerUp 5000

    I hope they keep the All Gold WCW belt ..The tag team belts are ugly. If this is the case ..and titles are unifyed make RAW and SD all one brand with all wrestlers coming on both shows

  • Ken

    I think thats what they are slowly going towards doing again, WWE has to be realizing the ratings are going down, TNA is getting bigger and the only way to shake things up is to join the brands again, seeing Rey Mysterio Vs Evan Bourne or Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus would be good for business

  • PowerUp 5000

    @ Ken..Yeah I agree WWE is really slipping and has been for a long time.TNA is getting better. This will be interesting when they combine the Titles who will be the peeps with the PUSH and who will be laid 2 the side …When this happens having a belt will mean much more ..Its good 4 us wrestling fans

  • God Of War

    Merging RAW and Smackdown is not good for wrestling fans… Number one, they can’t fit everyone in a 2 hour show. The reason for the split was to give others the opportunity to showcase their talents and win championships. TNA is not getting better because their ratings either drop from the week before or stay the same. So stop kidding your fucking selves. Unifying the WWE and World titles would be a mistake. It’ll cost confusion on who’s the number one contender from which brand and cut storylines for those titles short… I hope this is a false report. Can’t believe everything you see on the Internet.

  • killarob

    Wwe smh what happen to the tag team division are there anymore real teams left

  • Bob Loblaw

    @God Of War

    I don’t think they would merge Raw and SD!, just have the superstars go on both shows. It would kind of be like how it was in the Attitude Era

  • anonymous

    WWE are not merging the RAW roster with the SD roster. They are not merging the SD roster with the RAW roster. They are simply merging or unifying the Title Belts and creating ONE SINGLE set of champions.
    The champion(s) holding the belt will be appearing then on both shows.
    The WWE roster is too large to not have their seperate brands. WWE doesnt need to go back to the era where only 4 or 5 main guys (n divas) get shoved down our thoats to the point where we start to hate them.
    Having 2 seperate brands creates the opportunity to have 4 or 5 main performers shoved down our throat as well as have everyone else fall into the show around them.

  • Chris

    In response to the guy who spoke about the belts. I don’t think they will keep the wcw belt purely because mcmahon will want a WWE designed belt. However, I wish they would get rid of the spinner belt and replace it with the old style ‘eagle belt’ from the attitude era.

  • scg

    I agree with GOW, if they are keeping both shows they need two seperate titles. they have a very deep roster that they need to push and need at least two titles on each brand to push them. granted the IC and US titles need to be promoted as they were when Steamboat/Savage had the IC and when Sting/flair had the US titles. they need someone strong for each title who can have good matches to elevate matches and not have someone who has won world titles(mysterio, jericho) to elevate the rest of the talent. and also have to defend it more regularly, like at each ppv.

  • The Fulken

    @ Bob Loblaw

    The problem with your idea is, RAW and Smackdown aren’t taped in the same city. Maybe the same state or maybe not at all. So any superstar who would be appearing on both shows would have to get to both shows. As if touring wasn’t bad enough for a wrestler’s body. Like any of you would really want to see John Cena on Raw and Smackdown? Only unified champions should be able to go in between shows. Obliviously to help the tag team division and women’s division, WWE had to merge the titles to create more depth. There is no reason to merge the other belts. They have enough people in those divisions.

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