Vince’s View of Cody Rhodes, WWE NXT Creative News

– Cody Rhodes’ lack of major push is said to be attributed to Vince McMahon’s lack of faith in the second generation wrestler.

“Cody Rhodes is capable of a breakout, but Vince McMahon just can’t commit to him,” said a WWE source. “He thinks he overacts.”

– The writing for weekly episodes of NXT is said to be a collaborative effort. While lead RAW writer Ed Koskey heads the show’s creative effort, former Kevin Dunn assistant Jen Bloodsworth has great input in the show’s content.

Sources: Pro Wrestling Torch, Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • God Of War

    While I like what Cody Rhodes is doing, I do agree with Vince… There really isn’t nothing special about him. His gimmick has been done before.

  • King

    The whole damn creative team needs to be fired.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Maybe if Dashin Cody Rhodes wore “Knee Pads” to the ring he would have the IT factor….LOL ..Rhodes wrestles with that “NO Knee Pad Swag” Vince says No chance in Hell Naked Knees …LOL

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