Updated Card for WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV

– Below is the current card for WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, coming out of tonight’s RAW:

Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Title
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

Hell in a Cell Match for the World Title
The Undertaker with Paul Bearer vs. Kane

Submissions Count Anywhere Match for the WWE US Title
John Morrison vs. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
If Cena loses, he must join Nexus. If Barrett loses, Nexus must no longer exist.

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  • Tony Whiting

    I loved the end of RAW when Orton punted Jericho!! LOVE IT!! Even if I aint a Orton fan He did good! It would be awesome if he did the same to that Red guy Anus! I mean Sheamus!


    Wo,Wo,Wo My Friendly Oversized Jar Of Miracle Whip Lets Cool down that Head, ur hair is a blaze! Just cause you re the next one in line for a Punt Kick is no reason to loose ur head be retarded and dis Cena u ignorant Jackassed Can Of Bird Shit!

  • God Of War

    I like how you actually believe that’s Sheamus… The card looks a bit better then last years. I only wanted to see the Hell in a Cell matches last year so I’m looking forward to Sunday.

  • Nazi killer

    Gold of war?

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