Mick Foley’s Book Plugged on RAW, Chris Jericho Update, More

– Johnny Knoxville will be the special guest star of next week’s live Monday Night RAW.

– The injury angle done tonight on RAW at the end of the Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton match was done to write Jericho out of the storylines for the time being. No word yet on when Jericho will return.

– Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler plugged TNA star Mick Foley’s new book, Countdown to Lockdown, during tonight’s RAW. Cole referred to Foley as their good friend and mentioned there would be stories from Foley’s career as a WWE announcer in the book.

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  • God Of War

    I was a bit surprised myself when they plugged Mick Foley knowing he works for TNA but I guess WWE is cool with it since they allowed Cole and King to plug his book.

  • your poop says

    its nice to see vince has respect for enough for him to do that.

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