Latest on the Future of WWE NXT and Talk Regarding Matt Hardy

– For what it’s worth, a lot of people feel that Matt Hardy is in complete work mode trying to get his release from WWE with the recent odd behavior on his YouTube and Twitter pages. Hardy claimed this weekend that he suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder, which is the same disorder that Herschel Walker has suffered from.

– Unless WWE announces something else, NXT is expected to move to the WWE website beginning next week as the NXT deal with SyFy expires this week and SmackDown comes to the network on Friday nights. NXT will remain on TV in Canada, the UK and other countries.

WWE officials are high on NXT and at last word, were still looking for a new TV deal in the United States.

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  • God Of War

    WWE maybe be high on NXT but are the fans? Do people really want to see this show? Like moving it to the website will change anything… I remember when Heat got canned from USA and they moved it to and it bombed…

  • Nazi killer

    What do you expect? They expect rookies to draw ratings. The pro.s don.t interact all that much and are mostly the least popular superstars. I personally have watched every episode because i dvr all wrestling programs. The competitions between the nxt rookies should be more entetaining too. They should take a physical trial from survivor once in a while. The on the spot topic bit is lame too. But necissary.

  • God Of War

    I never expected NXT to hit RAW or Smackdown ratings but its like, why waste money and TV time on shit no one wants to watch when WWE could do something else…

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