Former WWE Diva Lauren Returning?

– Former WWE performer Lauren Jones noted on her Twitter account this afternoon that she is meeting with WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis (a/k/a Johnny Ace); likely regarding a possible return to the organization.

“Oh yeah, I forgot 2mention 2 all the amazing WWE fans out there!” she wrote. “I am meeting with talent development & Johny Ace 2 see what MIGHT b next..!”

Though she is long removed from World Wrestling Entertainment, Jones has kept in touch with Laurinaitis over the years and thus a possible return to the organization was never out of the question.

Since parting ways with WWE in June 2005, Jones has immersed herself in numerous endeavors including the launch of a successful wedding shoe line, her own network television show, the release of a workout DVD, radio hosting, and various other media platforms. She was also featured in a scene in the summer blockbuster The Expendables as Mickey Rourke’s character’s girlfriend.

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  • themike

    Who? No really, i dont remember this gal.

  • Alex

    … who in the blue hell is lauren jones?

  • Jizz

    wtf? Lauren? The hell is that? Dont remember her

  • anonymous

    Who the bloody hell is Lauren Jones?

    Surely somebody has heard of this person?? Anybody??

  • Hurricane

    What’s up with that?

  • Lou

    I’ve been watching since 1985 and I’ve never heard of her

  • sarcasm guy

    I know the “internet” is new to all who posted, but there is such a thing as “google”. if you don`t know how to use that, ask a friend.

  • Lou

    I did look her up dickhead. I still don’t know who the hell she is. What are you 3 years old?

  • sarcasm guy

    That`s not what your mamma said last night while she was sucking on your graany`s titty as i wasridin` her ass. by the way, tell your daddy he can`t just “watch” us anymore, he kept tryin` to touch my ass.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Another idiot. Talking bout your mama and what he did. . . Wtf? Are you still in high school?

  • *%$!?+¢#

    Why do some people have to leave their perverted rants on this site. It is not funny. Go find another web site to share your perverted thoughts or write for penthouse forum. This is a wrestling site, either talk about wrestling, or shut the fuck up.

  • vannZ

    speaking of divas, this episode of nxt was extremely bad. Two competitions and self introduction. It was bad, but on a brighter note AJ Lee is in the lead. Sorry, im a major AJ fan.

  • sarcasm guy

    i know it hurts, at least that`s what lou`s granny says. you can have his daddy suck the rest of you. i`ve got a threesome with his granny mommie and his sis asked in and i couldn`t say no to her fat ass. don`t blame the player, blame the one who lit the wic. right lou?

  • Reaver

    Looks like S.E.S. Hitler found a new name since his glorious straight edge society fell apart. Go ahead and insult me, you know why it won’t make me mad? Cuz I’m not a 13 year old middle school kid. But for real I’m glad NXT is going to the internet so I no longer have to see it. We all know most of them will still be on TV after its over. And we all know AJ “I’m the new Mickie James” Lee will win.

  • Nazi killer

    I haven.t seen this episode yet. It.s still on my dvr but i don.t think AJ should win. What physical challenges has she won? Musical chairs? Sorry but if she wins it will be unbelievable to me. Kaval already did the underdog story. Moreso she is the first to go if i had the pick. Sorry vannz

  • VannZ

    nazi, its cool i understand what your saying but not reaver. Im just a big fan of AJ Lee. I see her becoming a diva but im not sure bout champion. But she still have my support. GOOD LUCK AJ LEE!

  • Ballsack

    AJ Lee is a fine energetic woman. Wish my girl was more like her. She has a cute ass.

  • anonymous

    Just on this nxt rubbish. While the show is complete rubbish. Who else was happy to see Vickie Guerrero get pushed on her fat arse..

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