WWE Diva Cleared of Assault Charges, Returning Soon

WWE Diva Tiffany (a/k/a Taryn Terrell) was cleared of assault charges that stemmed from an incident that took place at their Los Angeles hotel. “No further legal action is anticipated in this case,” a spokesman for the L.A. attorney’s office told DailyRecord.co.uk.

The Daily Record also reports that Tiffany is on the verge of returning to the ring now that she’s been cleared of charges. WWE did not publicly state that she was suspended, but she has not worked a match since the company became aware of the arrest.



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  • Nazi killer

    I hope she DID beat up Mcintyre.

  • Tony Whiting

    Dont bring her back!! AND / or Get rid of Drew Mcintyre! All he does is Whine and complain! if he is indeed a CHOSEN one He should do what other wrestlers had to do to keep thier job!! DREW?? kiss McMAOHN’s ASS or YOU’RE FIIIIIIIIIRED!!!

  • Nazi killer

    Why should she not come back? She wasn.t that bad a performer.

  • lawrence

    Yeah I agree wit Nazi she was a good reformer an tony ur full of shit

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