Michelle McCool Comments on the WWE Women’s Title

WWE’s website has a featured interview with Michelle McCool talking about being the first woman to unify the Women’s Championship and Divas Championship.

When asked what it means that there is one title now for the divas, she said “I think it opens up a lot more opportunities. It’s sad that it won’t be the Women’s Championship we are holding, because there’s so much prestige with it. But who knows, Trish Stratus retired with it a few years ago – maybe it’ll come back again. It’s an absolute honor to be carrying the championship on my shoulder. It’s a proud moment.”




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  • God Of War

    I hope they don’t bring back the Women’s title… Let the title rest and made up new memories with the Unified Divas Championship.

  • steven

    If they dont bring it back and decide to keep the diva’s title. change they way it looks! It looks worse than when they changed the ecw title

  • Tony Whiting

    *L* Yours or Laylas? *L*

  • Nazi killer

    I keep seeing *L*. What is that supposed to mean?

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