GCF First PPV Domination – September 26, 2010

Hello GCF Fans, it is time for the first ever Pay Per View, Domination! I am excited about my first PPV, and I hope the fans are as well. Email me your feedback at [email protected], but for now, let’s get started!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are sold out here in Kansas City, Missouri. The Sprint Center will be the home of the first ever PPV of GCF, Domination! I’m Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz, and the time is finally here.”  “Cole, we have some great matches to look forward to tonight, with the first one coming our way right now!”  I am Perfection!

Ultimate X for the X Division Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Homicide

Ziggler enters to mixed reaction from the crowd. Ziggler looks very pumped up, and pays no attention to the odd reaction from the fans. Homicide is out next to a full house of hate. Homicide laughs at the fans, insulting them all the way down to the ring. Now its time for Rey Mysterio’s entrance and the fans go crazy. Rey walks down the ramp, high fives all the fans, and slides into the ring. All three men stare at the title hanging up and eye the red cables. The bell rings, and right away Homicide rolls outside of the ring. Ziggler and Rey pay no attention to him as they lock up. Ziggler pushes Rey into the corner, but Homicide slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle! Homicide grabs the cables, but Ziggler turns around and notices. Ziggler runs over to Homicide, jumps up, and grabs his legs! Ziggler tries to yank Homicide down, but Homicide won’t let go. Rey runs towards Ziggler and Homicide. Rey climbs the turnbuckle and dropkicks Homicide! Ziggler and Homicide fall down and land right on their faces! Already all the men in the match are down, and Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Rey stands first and kicks Homicide a few times. Rey gets on the ring apron, and waits for Homicide to get to his knees. Rey springboards off the ropes for a leg drop to the back of the head! Rey hops up and points to the title while the fans cheer. Rey climbs up the turnbuckle, and grabs the cables! Rey climbs across the cable, getting closer and closer to the belt. Ziggler slides into the ring, while Homicide tries to stand using the ropes. Dolph sees Rey getting closer to the belt, so he jumps up to the top turnbuckle, and grabs the chords. Ziggler quickly scales the chords and Rey and Dolph meet by the belt. Both men start kicking at each other, but they don’t notice Homicide roll out of the ring and grab a steel chair. Ziggler and Rey are holding on by their fingertips when all of the sudden Homicide hits both men with the chair! Ziggler and Rey fall hard to the mat, and Homicide throws the chair down. Homicide looks up at the title, but then looks down at Rey. Homicide walks over to Rey, and locks in his signature modified STF! Rey has no where to go as he starts to lose consciousness. Homicide pulls hard on Rey’s head, before finally letting go of the hold. Homicide pushes Rey out of the ring, and then slowly going up to the top turnbuckle. Homicide jumps up to the cable, and begins crawling across the cables. It looks like Homicide may have the title won, but on the outside, Ziggler is seen climbing up the metal structure! Ziggler gets to the top of the structure, while Homicide is about half way to the belt. Ziggler takes the chance and jumps down at Homicide, grabs the neck, and ZIG ZAGS HIM FROM THE CABLE! “Oh God Cole, did you just see that?!”  Replays are shown several times from different angles on the titantron. Ziggler and Homicide lie on the mat, looking like their knocked out. Ziggler begins to stand to a huge ovation from the crowd, they are showing their love after what he just did. Dolph stands, but out of no where, Rey jumps off the ropes and tries to hit a seated senton on Dolph, but Dolph reverses by catching Rey, and slams him down with a powerbomb! Ziggler quickly hops to the top turnbuckle, but before he can grab the cables, he notices Rey starting to stand. Dolph jumps off the turnbuckle, but Rey dropkicks Dolph in mid air, knocking Dolph right onto the second rope! Rey backs up and runs back at Dolph, then executes the 619!! Rey waits on the ring apron for Dolph to stand, and when he does, he jumps for a cross body, but Homicide jumps in front of Dolph, and catches Rey with a Gringo Cutter!!! Rey slides out of the ring, and Homicide gets up to the top turnbuckle. Homicide grabs the chords and starts making his way to the title. Homicide gets right in front of title and begins detaching it, but Ziggler grabs Homicides foot, uses all of his strength, and catches Homicide in a sleeper hold!! Homicide tries kicking out of the hold, but Ziggler won’t let go. Homicide begins to fade away. Homicide falls to his knees and Ziggler clenches it in tighter. Homicide loses consciousness and Ziggler releases the hold. Dolph sees Rey beginning to get up on the outside, so he throws Homicides lifeless body out of the ring, right onto Mysterio!!! Dolph wastes no time in climbing up to the cables. Ziggler crawls towards the title, and no one is there to stop him!! Dolph gets to the belt, unhooks it and falls down to the mat. Just like that, Dolph Ziggler is the X Division champion!!!

Winner and New X Division Champion- Dolph Ziggler!!

“What a match Tazz! Dolph Ziggler is the first X Division Champion here in GCF!”  “I told you Cole! He was my pick from the start, and now he is champion!”  Dolph stands holding his head, kissing his new championship. Rey and Homicide lie on the outside, while Dolph gets his hand raised by the referee. Dolph walks down the ramp with his title, and exits the arena with a big smile on his face. “That was an amazing match Tazz. Dolph deserves it.”  I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool.  Carlito walks down the ramp to bunch of boos and it looks like its time for his open challenge. Carlito gets into the ring, while doctors check on Homicide and Rey on the outside. Carlito begins, “Yeah get them out of here. The time is here, my challenge. There isn’t any time to waste, so I’m just gonna say it. Whoever wants to make the mistake of facing me tonight, come down that ramp right now.”  Carlito waits, but no one comes out. “Come on! Someone come down here right now!” Carlito waits impatiently, and he begins to put the mic to his face to say something, but then some familiar music hits. MVP runs down the ramp, with plenty of love from the crowd. Carlito throws the mic down, but MVP slides in the ring and takes Carlito down.

Carlito vs. MVP

The bell rings, but MVP already has Carlito down and punching him several times. MVP gets off of Carlito, backs up, and hits a Drive by Kick! MVP stalks Carlito, waiting for him to stand, and when he does, MVP goes for the Play of the Day, but Carlito holds onto the ropes, and rolls out of the ring. MVP chases after Carlito, and it looks like he has him trapped in front of the steel steps. MVP runs at Carlito, but Carlito jumps out of the way. MVP’s momentum causes him to slam into the steel stairs. Carlito jogs over to the ring announcer and throws him off his chair. Carlito grabs the chair, and walks towards MVP. MVP gets to his feet, only to be greeted by a chair shot to the head!

Winner by DQ- MVP

Carlito keeps on hitting MVP’s back with the chair, until the referee runs out and pulls the chair away. Carlito pulls MVP up, spins him around, and performs the Backstabber. MVP falls back down, and Carlito still isn’t done. Carlito leans MVP against the steel stairs and grabs the chair from the referee. The ref tries to stop him but Carlito shoves the ref down. Carlito shouts an insult at MVP, before hitting MVP with the steel chair against the steps, causing MVP’s skull to bounce off the steel steps! Security and referee’s pull Carlito away. Carlito laughs at MVP, while doctors and officials check on MVP.  “I think Carlito planned this all along Tazz. Whoever walked down that ramp was walking into trouble.”  “Well that was genius by Carlito! He was just looking to show that he is serious about his rise to the top, and he showed that he will take out anyone in his way.”
The camera goes to the back where we see Jeff Jarrett warming up for his match. Eric Bischoff walks over to him with a worried look on his face. “Are you sure you want to go through with this Jeff? I figured I would let you have a few more days to think about my offer. You forfeit, I become GM, and I give you the IC championship.”  Jeff smiles and looks down before saying, “No way Eric.” Jeff walks away, while Eric looks shocked that he was turned down

No Holds Barred match (Winner becomes General Manager of Impact Raw)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Eric Bischoff

Jeff walks down the ramp with his signature guitar, possibly wrestling his last match. Jarrett confidently enters the ring, as he is the clear favorite in this match. Now Eric Bischoff’s music hits, and he comes out very worried. Eric walks up the stairs into the ring. Jeff smiles and now the bell rings. Jeff runs at Eric and swings the guitar at him, but Eric ducks just in time. Jeff laughs, and throws the guitar down. Jeff grabs Eric, and snap suplexes him. Jeff laughs at Eric holding his back. Jeff pulls Eric up and puts him in a DDT position. Jeff slams Eric face first with a DDT. Jeff yells to the crowd that its time to end this. Jeff picks Eric up by his arm and executes the stroke on Eric! Jeff has this one won, and covers Eric, but Matt Morgan slides in the ring out of no where and picks up the guitar! Jeff doesn’t notice him, and Matt hits Jeff with the guitar on the back of the head! The guitar breaks over Jeff’s head and Jarrett falls off of Eric. Morgan throws the guitar down and lifts Jeff in a suplex position, and hits the Hellevator on Jeff! Morgan slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp with a ferocious look on his face, and both men are down in the ring. The referee begins to count as both men look like they are knocked out. The ref gets to a seven count, but both men are still not moving in the middle of the ring. The referee continues, Eight, Nine, Ten.

Double knockout  

“Wait what? What happens now Cole?”  “I don’t know Tazz, but I do know that Jarrett had the match won, but Morgan completely cost him the match.”  “Morgan just wanted to get on one of the general managers good side. I don’t blame him”  “Well Tazz, I do know that Todd Grisham is in the back with AJ Styles.”
“Thanks Michael, I am here with the man who will be competing in the fatal four way later tonight, AJ Styles. AJ, what are your thoughts going into the match?”  “Todd, I’m feeling very confident about tonight. I’ll beat all three of those men tonight, no sweat. After I beat them, I’m going after the World Heavyweight Championship. I don’t care if Edge wins or Joe wins. I just feel bad for the other three guys tonight, because they are standing in my way to the title. Thanks Todd.”  AJ walks away from the scene and we go back to the commentary table.
“Some big words from AJ, he seems very confident tonight Tazz.”  “Yes he does Cole, I can’t pick who will win later tonight, its going to be a great match.”  “You never know what one match will do to people Tazz. This next match is a perfect example of that. A few weeks ago, Tyler Black and Mark Henry had a match that Black won out of nowhere. Ever since then, they have developed a hatred towards each other. Right now, their hatred comes to a head, as these two men will have a rematch right now.”

Tyler Black vs. Mark Henry

Henry walks out to momentous boos from the crowd. Henry has a very angry look on his face and it looks like he is ready to end this with Black. Henry gets into the ring and shouts to the crowd. Now Tyler Black makes his entrance and the fans applaud the independent superstar. Black shouts out some of his energy, and he sprints to the ring. Black slides right into his corner and shouts at the referee to start the match. The referee does so, and the bell rings. Black and Henry meet in the middle of the ring, with both men shouting insults at each other. Henry shoves Black, causing Black to bounce off the ropes. Black uses his momentum to shove Henry back, and this backs Henry up a little bit. Henry comes back by clotheslining Black down. Henry grabs Black’s long hair and picks him up over his head in a military press position. Henry laughs before dropping Black down. Henry runs against the ropes and jumps on top of Black for a huge splash. Henry stands up and runs against the ropes and splashes Black again! Henry loves the punishment he is inflicting on Black. Henry tries to pin Black, One, Two, kick out by Tyler. Henry actually looks happy that Black kicked out, and quickly stands. Henry runs against the ropes for a third time, and jumps for a splash, but Tyler moves out of the way! Black takes advantage of Henry being down by running back, and then performing a running shooting star press, the same move Black beat Henry with before! Black has the pin, One, Two kick out at two by Henry! Tyler slams his fists down to the mat, before crawling over to the ring apron. Black waits for Henry to stand, while waiting on the ring apron. When Henry stands, Black springboards off the ropes for a clothesline! Black jumps on Henry for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two! Black again slams his fists down and screams at the referee, before getting to the top turnbuckle. Black gets ready for his patented Corkscrew 450 Splash. Black jumps for it, but Henry puts his huge foot up, and Black rams face first into it! Henry drapes his arm over Black, One, Two, kick out at two!! Black kicks out even after going face first into the boot. Black has a bloody mouth, and he isn’t moving. Henry uses the ropes to get up, and when he does, he picks Black up and puts him in powerslam position, then slams him down. Henry slams Black down for his signature Worlds Strongest Slam! Henry has Black in the middle of the ring, One, Two, KICK OUT AT TWO!! Black somehow manages to kick out of the Worlds Strongest Slam! Henry’s jaw drops, and argues with the referee over the count. Henry grabs Blacks head with his huge hand and puts him in World’s Strongest Slam position again! Right before Henry can slam him down, Black elbows Henry’s head until Henry drops Black. Black quickly puts Henry in a suplex position, and hits the Gods Last Gift (Fisherman’s DDT into a small package)!! Black has the pin, One, Two, and Three!!

Winner- Tyler Black!!

“Black wins! Black wins! What a win Tazz!”  “I always say never count anyone out, but I have got to say, I thought Black was done, but he turns it around and wins with God’s Last Gift!”  Black celebrates in the ring, while Henry lies on the mat completely stunned. Black motions that he deserves an IC Title shot, and he proved it with that great win. Black slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp, high fiving every fan on the way up. “How did Black lift Henry up for God’s Last Gift, Tazz?”  “I have no idea Cole, but he did.” Henry regains himself and screams, “Why can’t I beat him?!”  The camera goes to the back where we see Christian and Jericho talking about their match against the Guns for the Tag Titles. They finish talking and begin to walk to the arena. Back in the arena, the Guns music hits and its time for the Tag Team Championship match!

GCF Tag Team Championship
Motor CityMachineguns vs. Christian and Chris Jericho

The Guns run down the ramp to plenty of cheers from the fans. The Guns are ready to go, as they jump into the ring. Christian and Jericho make their way down the ring next, and the Guns strategize. Alex Shelley gets on the ring apron before Jericho and Christian get into the ring. From the crowd, Team 3D hop over the barricade, and pull Shelley off the apron! Bubba lifts Shelley up, and Devon finishes the 3D on the outside to Shelley! Team 3D hits a 3D on Shelley, slamming him face first on the thin padding! Devon and Bubba stomp on Shelley several times, and Sabin screams at Team 3D in the ring. Sabin is about to jump over the ropes onto Team 3D, but Jericho hits him from behind! The bell rings, with Sabin and Jericho being the legal men, while Shelley lies on the outside. Jericho kicks Sabin some more, before tossing him into the corner and tagging in Christian. Jericho holds Sabin, while Christian kicks him in the gut a few times. Christian puts Sabin in an inverted DDT position, and then falls down for an Inverted DDT. Christian goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two. Christian tries to drag Sabin over to his corner, but Sabin kicks Christian back, and Christian trips into the corner. Sabin crawls over t his corner, but there isn’t anyone there! Sabin gets to his feet, and tries to urge Shelley to get up. On the other side of the ring, Jericho tags himself in, and tries for a school boy pin move on Sabin, One, Two, kick out again by Sabin. Jericho and Sabin both stand at the same time, but Jericho grabs Sabin and scoop slams him. Jericho takes the opportunity by jumping off the ropes for a picture perfect Lionsault! Jericho has a pin, One, Two, kick out. Sabin is basically in a handicap match now as Shelley is still lying on the outside. Jericho shouts for him to stay down, and walks over to tag in Christian. Sabin is trying to stand, and lies on the second rope. Christian hops over the top rope, and slaps Sabin in the face. Christian slides back into the ring, and covers Sabin, One, Two, kick out at two. Sabin crawls over to his corner, but no one is there. Christian slowly walks over to Sabin, laughing with Jericho at him. Right before Christian grabs Sabin, Alex Shelley springs up and tags himself in! Christian backs up from Shelley, but he runs full force at Christian. Shelley kicks and punches Christian, until Jericho tags himself in. Jericho gets into the ring, and Shelley focuses on Jericho. The two brawl all over the ring, with Shelley getting the upper hand. Shelley waits for Jericho to stand, and BAM! A perfect Superkick by Shelley! Before Shelley goes for the pin, Team 3D’s music hits and the two step brothers come through the crowd again. Shelley gets out of the ring, and warns Team 3D to stay away. Team 3D stand on the top of the ramp and Shelley gets back into the ring. Shelley walks over to Jericho, only to be greeted by a Codebreaker! Christian runs over and knocks Sabin off the apron, and Jericho goes for a pin on Shelley, One, Two, and Three!!

Winner and New GCF Tag Team Champions- Christian and Chris Jericho!

Jericho and Christian hug and celebrate with their titles. The fans hate it and they show it with tons of boos. “Oh you got to be kidding me Tazz. Those two would not have beat the Guns if it weren’t for Team 3D. My question is, why did Team 3D help the team that they now are targeting for the gold?”  “I have no idea Cole, but for now, Christian and Chris Jericho are the Tag Team Champions!”  Jericho and Christian walks up the ramp and meet Team 3D at the top. They all shake hands and nod at each other, before all four men exit the arena. Sabin is checking on Shelley in the ring. “Shelley put up a very good effort, even after being out cold for half the match, Tazz.”  “Yeah Cole, I give him credit for that, but I am just wondering what is going on between Team 3D and Jericho and Christian.”  Sabin and Shelley limp to the back, and he ring is cleared for the big Fatal Four Way up next!

Fatal Four Way Number One Contenders Match
Wade Barrett vs. Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles vs. Sheamus

Barrett is out first to a whole arena filled of boos. Barrett really doesn’t care at all as he makes his way down the ramp. Barrett begins to walk up the steps when Kurt Angle’s music hits. No fan bothers to boos, as they just chant You Suck! Angle stares at the ring and pays no mind to what the fans are chanting. Angle gets into the ring, and now the music of Sheamus comes on. The fans stop chanting and go back to booing. Sheamus laughs at the fans hate, and walks down the ramp. Sheamus stands in front of the ring and eyes both of his opponents. Now AJ Style’s entrance begins and the fans go crazy. Styles runs down the ramp and scares Sheamus into the ring. AJ slides in himself and the bell rings. AJ goes after Sheamus to start and they fight to the outside. Barrett and Angle run to the outside as well and team up on Sheamus and Styles. It seems like Barrett and Angle are going to be working as a team for now as they pummel both AJ and Sheamus. Barrett picks AJ up and puts him on his shoulders, then slams him down with a running powerslam! Angle puts Sheamus in a German suplex hold, then picks him up and slams him down for a German suplex on the thin padding! Barrett pats Angle on the back, but then big boots Kurt in the face! Barrett stomps on Angle some more, before throwing AJ in the ring. Barrett goes for a pin on AJ, One, and Two, kick out. Barrett stands and throws AJ into the corner, but Angle from behind hits an Angle Slam! Kurt Angle already hits his finishing move on Barrett! Angle goes for a pin, One, Two, Sheamus breaks it up. Angle stands and Sheamus knocks him down with a Discus Double Axe Handle! Sheamus tries to pin Angle now, One, Two, kick out! “What a match so far Tazz! All four men have already been hit with a big move and they are all hurting!”  Sheamus stands up, only to be knocked back down by a springboard crossbody from Styles! AJ has the pin, One, Two, kick out! AJ stands up and throws the Celtic Warrior to the outside. AJ flips over the top rope, and lands right on Sheamus! Angle and Barrett in the ring begin to stand using the ropes. Barrett and Angle are both up and begin throwing punches at eachother. Barrett gets the upper hand and upper cuts Angle down. Barrett falls on top of Angle for the cover, One, Two, kick out by Angle! Barrett has no time to react as AJ slides in and DDT’s the kneeling Barrett! AJ jogs over to the turnbuckle, hops up, and jumps for a frog splash on Barrett! AJ has the pin, One, Two, Angle breaks it up. Angle kicks AJ into the corner, and Angle heads up to the top turnbuckle. Angle gets to the top rope, then moonsaults off, but Barrett moves out of the way! Barrett rolls out of the ring, and Angle lies in the middle of the ring holding his gut. Just then, AJ Styles hops up to the top rope and executes a springboard 450 splash on Angle! He has the pin on Angle, One, Two; Sheamus sneak in and breaks it up! AJ quickly stands and hits Sheamus with a pele kick! The kick sends Sheamus into the corner, and Sheamus accidentally crushes the referee in the corner. AJ kicks Sheamus in the stomach and puts him in powerbomb position! AJ lifts Sheamus up and slams him back down for the Styles Clash! AJ turns Sheamus over for a pin, but the referee is stunned! AJ kicks Sheamus away and tries to get the referee up, but from behind, Wade Barrett spins AJ around and puts him in a fireman’s carry position! Wade slams AJ down for his signature Wasteland! The referee is starting to regain himself, and Wade screams at him to hurry up. Wade turns around back to AJ, but Randy Orton is behind him! Orton smiles, then RKO’s Barrett! Orton slithers out of the ring, as the fans freak out at one of their favorite superstars! The ref has regained himself, but everyone in the ring is down. The camera shows Angle stand up and notice the opportunity. So Angle slides into the ring and goes for a pin on Barrett, One, Two, THREE!!

Winner- Kurt Angle!!

“Angle is the Number One Contender! Can you believe it Tazz?!”  “Yeah Cole! The Olympic Superstar will face Edge or Joe for the World Title!”  Replays show how Barrett had the match won, but instead got an RKO for his efforts.  “Angle took advantage of an opportunity Tazz. Randy made his return and got some revenge on Barrett for attacking him a few weeks ago.” Angle celebrates in the ring, but Samoa Joe’s music hits and Joe runs down the ramp! Joe slides in the ring, causing Angle to retreat through the crowd. Joe has a big smile on his face, as he watches Angle run through the crowd. “Well my man Joe now has even more reason to win the gold. Not only would he be the first World Champion, but he would get the chance to face Kurt Angle one more time!”  Sheamus, Barrett and AJ exit the arena frustrated, as Joe warms up in the ring, and it looks like we are going to go right into the main event! A video promo is shown on the titantron, highlighting the rivalry/alliance of Joe and Edge over the past few weeks. You think you know me!

World Heavyweight Championship
Samoa Joe vs. Edge

Edge enters the arena to the most cheers all night. Edge comes through the smoke with his signature jacket on and stress at Joe. Edge walks down the ramp and slides in the ring the way only Edge can do. He stares at Joe some more, before taking his jacket off and taunting to the crowd. Edge and Joe stare eachother down, and the moment is finally here. The bell rings and the two men stand in their corners just staring at eachother. Joe begins to walk towards Edge first, and Edge does the same towards him. They get right in eachothers face and start to throw punches at eachother! They go back and forth until finally Edge gets the upper hand. Edge pushes Joe into the ropes, backs up, and tries to clothesline him over, but Joe lifts him over his shoulders and Edge falls to the outside! Joe goes through the second rope to the outside, and grabs Edges hair. Joe lifts him up and throws Edge shoulder first into the steel steps! Edge holds his shoulder in pain, and Joe pulls him up. Joe throws Edge into the ring, and picks Edge up into a half nelson. Joe slams Edge down with a full nelson suplex. Joe tries a pin, One, Two, kick out at Two. Joe gets up after the count and waits for Edge to get to his knees. Joe runs against the ropes and lariats Edge back down! Joe goes for another pin, One, Two, kick out by Edge again. Joe again shakes it off and heads up to the top turnbuckle. Joe jumps down at Edge for an Elbow Drop, but Edge moves out of the way just in time! Both men are down, and the referee begins to count. At five, Edge stands with help from the referee. Edge puts Joe in a DDT position, and slams him down for an Edgecution! “This is a very fast paced main event Tazz; both men are using all of their moves on eachother already!”  Edge backs up into the corner and measures for a Spear! Joe stands up and Edge runs at him, but Joe catches Edge and slams him down with a Samoan Drop! Joe goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out by Edge! Joe already is starting to get frustrated, but he still manages to pull Edge up. Joe puts Edge on his shoulders, and drops him down with an Island Driver! Joe jumps on Edge for a pin, One, Two, Edge kicks out! Joe cannot believe it! Joe stands up and argues with the referee, shouting that it was a three count. Joe argues with the referee long enough for Edge to start to stand. Joe notices and kicks Edge into the corner. Joe lifts Edge to the top turnbuckle and tries to hook him up for the Muscle Buster, but Edge kicks Joe away. Joe backs off holding his gut, and Edge jumps off the top turnbuckle and hits Joe with a diving Spear!! Edge goes for a pin on Joe, One, Two, kick out at Two by Joe! Samoa Joe somehow kicked out of the diving spear! Edge pulls his hair and stomps his feet into the mat. Edge shakes it off and stands in the corner, waiting for Joe to stand. When Joe finally does stand, Edge runs at him for a Spear, but Joe moves out of the way, and Edge ends up in the corner. Joe turns around, picks Edge up and places him on the top turnbuckle! Joe hooks Edge up, and then slams Edge down for the Muscle Buster!!! Joe drapes his arm over Edge for the pin, One, Two, EDGE KICKS OUT!! Joe stands right up and gets right in the referees face, screaming “That was Three! Are you kidding?!”  Joe walks back over to Edge and picks him up. Joe Irish whips Edge back into the corner, and puts him on the top turnbuckle once again. Joe lifts Edge up for the Muscle Buster, but Edge fights out of it and Joe lets him fall. Edge lands on his feet, and slams Joe down with a sitout rear mat slam! Edge backs away and once again gets into his corner. Edge stomps his feet to the mat as the fans cheer in anticipation. Joe takes his time standing up, and when he finally does get up, Edge runs full force and connects with a perfect Spear! The third times the charm for Edge, as he goes for the pin, One, Two, Three, and Edge is your World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion- Edge!!

Edge is handed his gold and his hand is raised. Edge begins to cry tears of joy. “There you have it Tazz! Edge is the first ever GCF World Heavyweight Champion! Can you believe it!”  “What a win for Edge Cole. He deserves it.”  “For now, were out of time! What a great PPV its been and we will see you Wednesday on Impact Raw!”  The final shot is of Edge kissing his World Title, while Joe lies dejected in the corner.





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