Low Nexus T-Shirt Sales, Blood Edited on NXT, More

– World Wrestling Entertainment’s symbolic Nexus T-shirt has been a huge flop in terms of sales.According to a company source, Vince McMahon was ‘mortified’ when he was shown the latest merchandising report on Nexus shirts.

– Rookie Diva Kaitlyn was accidentally bloodied at some point during Tuesday’s episode of NXT. Seeing as it was a taped show, WWE managed to edit around it. Post-match, Michelle McCool delivered a very stiff kick to Kaitlyn’s head, although it is believed that she didn’t cause her to bleed.

– A World Heavyweight Championship bout between Kane and The Undertaker was officially announced for Hell in a Cell last night on SmackDown. The match will take place inside the Hell in a Cell.

Sources: PWTorch, Wrestling Observer




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  • Lou

    A heel group with an ugly ass and cheap looking shirt won’t sell much

  • Bracey

    Your bang on like Lou, the shirt is dire isn’t it!

  • Kurt

    I don.t care so much about t.shirt sales. Just don.t kick Kahtlin in the face no more. Damn you mccool!

  • themike

    What a suprize that nobody buyn nexus t-shit. Who would want ppl think your Super Nerd, with that big N on the front. id rather buy a Santino T-shirt.

  • themike

    Oh and Kaitlyn, DAMN! She is F.I.N.E. fine.

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