Update on WWE’s Top 50 Superstars DVD, Tonight’s FCW Show, More

– Devin sent the following: WWE returns to the Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama on January 8th, 2011 at 7:30 PM. Tickets go on sale November 12th, 2010 at 10 AM.

– The main event of tonight’s Florida Championship Wrestling event in Punta Gorda, Florida will be Husky Harris vs. Michael McGillicutty in a Falls Count Anywhere match. WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel will also be appearing.

– WWE will be releasing the “Top 50 Superstars of All Time” three-disc DVD set on December 14th. Below is the official synopsis:

“It’s a timeless debate for sports entertainment fans everywhere. Who is the greatest of all time? Better yet, what superstars make up your top 10, or if you are a real student of history, 20, 40, or 50? The debates and cross-generational comparisons can go on forever, as fans compare Stone Cold to the Hulkster, Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels, this generation s giant (Big Show) to the all-time Giant (Andre), or ask whether John Cena and Randy Orton have already done enough to cement a permanent legacy in this industry. Now, with the 50 Greatest Superstars in WWE History fans can enjoy the first-ever countdown of the biggest superstars in history, complete with highlights of the top 50, commentary from today’s WWE Superstars explaining their choices, and more.”

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  • God Of War

    Wrestling today overdo the whole “greatest of all time” or “the best in the business” quotes. It gets labeled on too many wrestlers these days including ones that don’t deserve it or has earned it. Another problem is, every wrestler has their own style which makes them great in their own way and some wrestlers can use a bunch of different styles and adapt as the years go on… Everyone has a list of who they believe are the greatest and some might agree and some might disagree…. Going to be interesting to see if this DVD counts down from 50th to number 1 or what and who they believe are the top 50 greatest wrestlers of all time…

  • Parth Joshi

    Well this is it. i think cena, ortan, and other newbies will be lucky enough to make it in Top 40 ’cause they’re many many awesome wrestlers to fill those 50 places. But the Bottom line is Mr. McMahon will be making the final list so lets wait and watch…

    P.S They did not mentioned THE ROCK…

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