TNA iMPACT Results – 9/23/10

TNA Impact on Spike TV
Taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.

[Q1] The show opened with a recap of the Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle match, and the post-show drama… The show is called “They Say…Only The Strong Survive”…

Rob Terry headed to the ring for his match. The cameras cut backstage where security Jeff Hardy, and others were restraining Rob Van Dam, who apparently isn’t too cool to sell his angle with Abyss this week…

1. Rob Terry beat Abyss by DQ in 4:05. Tenay claimed he was getting word that Van Dam was still raising hell backstage. They went backstage where Jeff Hardy and Van Dam were talking. Hardy let Van Dam walk off. The announcers said they believed Van Dam was headed to the ring.

Back in the studio, Abyss was disqualified for slamming the guardrail onto Terry. Van Dam entered through the crowd. Van Dam had bandages on his head, neck, legs, and arms. He walked slowly to sell the injury he shrugged off last week. RVD was held back by security, but he eventually got past them and slowly entered the ring, but Abyss had already been escorted backstage.

Van Dam thanked the fans for the love and concern that has been rolling in since he was attacked by Abyss. He said one of the reasons he was there was to show the fans that he’s not going anywhere. Van Dam asked Eric Bischoff to join him in the ring… [C]

After the break, Bischoff and Van Dam were in the ring together. Van Dam said he had to learn about the tournament for the TNA Title without being given a shot to defend his title. He said he didn’t know whether Bischoff was doing it out of concern for his well being or not.

Van Dam said he was told that the wheels were in motion and there was nothing he could do about the tournament. He wished Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Kurt Angle luck at Bound For Glory. Van Dam said he wants the first shot at the winner. Van Dam said he wanted to talk to Bischoff about his condition.

RVD said he doesn’t want people looking at him as vulnerable. He said his doctor has already given him a return date of 10/10/10. Van Dam said he wants to face Abyss. Bischoff said RVD and the people want it, so it will be RVD vs. Abyss at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view…

After Van Dam left the ring, Bischoff was still standing there when D’Angelo Dinero’s music hit.

Bischoff apprehensively clapped for Pope. Once Pope entered the ring, he noted that Bischoff was handing out favors left and right. He said he wanted a favor of his own in that he wants to know what the hell is going on in TNA.

Pope said he can smell crap a mile away and he knows Bischoff is full of it. Pope complained that Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy didn’t even win their match, and thus he questioned why they’re allowed in the main event of Bound For Glory. He also wanted to know why RVD was going to get a title match.

“I hope the hell you’re not accusing me of what I think you’re accusing me of,” Bischoff said. Pope said he’s not accusing Bischoff of anything. Pope said he’s from the streets and he knows that Bischoff is a con man. Bischoff said they need to go to the back to discuss the situation like professionals. Bischoff left the ring and Pope eventually followed…

Backstage, Lacey Von Erich vented to Angelina Love and Velvet Sky about Madison Rayne. She stormed out of the room. The Beautiful People were surprised at how upset Lacey was… [C]

Footage aired from during the break of Pope asking Bischoff to put him in the TNA Title match at Bound For Glory. “They didn’t win either,” Dinero reasoned. Bischoff said that if Pope can get by Samoa Joe, they’ll talk about making it a four-way match…

Q3] 2. Alex Shelley pinned Jeremy Buck (w/Max Buck) in 3:45. Shelley wore a tape on his shoulder and sold his injury throughout the match. Max was sent to the back within the opening minute when he reached inside the ring and tripped Shelley. Jeremy dominated the match, but Alex caught him with a roll up for the pin. Afterward, Max returned and they doubled up on Shelley and eventually left him lying…

A shot aired of Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich walking backstage together. The announcers hyped that Velvet and Lacey would battle for the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles after the break… [C]

Backstage, Pope said he feels like he’s being held back. In a related segment, Jeff Jarrett bitched to someone about Pope. He said Pope needs to go to the ring and wrestle like Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy and earn the respect of the fans…

Ring entrances for the TNA Knockouts Tag Title match took place…

[Q4] 3. Hamada and Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich to retain the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles in 4:20. Hamada slapped Taylor on the ass. Taz said it’s a Japanese thing. He said he has friends in Japan who do the same to him when he goes over there. Funny. Who knew Brett Favre hung out in Japan?

After some forgettable action, Madison Rayne came out and struck Lacey with the dumb motorcycle helmet. Taylor followed up with a kick and got the pin. Afterward, the kindler and gentler Beautiful People tended to Lacey…

A shot aired of Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, Rhino, Sabu, and Raven arriving. “It looks like the boys are back in town,” Taz said… Mike Tenay hyped Pope vs. Samoa Joe… [C]

A short recap aired on the history of Ink Inc. in TNA…

Dixie Carter joined Mike Tenay and Taz at their desk. She announced that there will be a $100,000 battle royal on the Oct. 7 live show that will feature every wrestler who will appear on Bound For Glory. Taz suggested they have an announcers battle royal for $50,000…

[Q5] 4. Samoa Joe defeated D’Angelo Dinero in 5:05. Joe dominated the early action. Pope came back with a flurry of his own offense for a near fall. The announcers played up the fact that Pope could get in the BFG main event with a win and how Joe could play spoiler.

Pope was setting up for his DDE finisher when Jeff Jarrett came to ringside and rooted for Joe. Pope was distracted momentarily and abandoned his plan to go for the DDE. Kevin Nash and Sting came to the ring and attacked Jarrett. Inside the ring, Joe caught Pope in the rear naked choke for the win.

After the match, Joe headed right to ringside and fought with Nash, while Jarrett and Sting brawled…

Backstage, Christy Hemme caught up with the EV2 crew in a hallway. Tommy Dreamer said they just left Dixie Carter’s offense, and there will be a Lethal Lockdown match at the pay-per-view. He said Sabu would face A.J. Styles in a ladder match to determine which team will have the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match…

A shot aired of Mr. Anderson drinking a Red Bull in the hallway… [C]

Mr. Anderson appeared on the stage in street clothes and said he loves when the assholes make some noise. He did his usual announcement of his name, let the live crowd fill in the second Anderson, and then headed to the ring.

[Q6] Anderson introduced Kurt Angle, who headed to the ring in street clothes. Anderson said he is what his t-shirt says he is, and then snuck in a plug for how to buy it online. Anderson said the asshole thing won’t change between now and Bound For Glory. He said he is what he is.

Anderson said he and Angle are alike in that they didn’t get into the business to play politics and swing from the boss’s nuts. “Well, technically, that would be impossible,” Anderson cracked. Funny. Anderson said Angle is the best there is in the business. However, Anderson said he plans to be three seconds better at the pay-per-view.

Angle said he respects that Anderson said that to his face like a man. Kurt said he wanted to be the best when he entered the business, and now he’s accomplished everything he set out to do in ten years. He said he vowed that he would retire if he lost to a contender on the road to winning the TNA Title.

Kurt said that what he does in the ring is who he is. Angle said he sacrificed his family and everything else. He said people think he’s some kind of freak because they don’t understand his determination. Kurt said he respects Anderson as an athlete and a person. “But at Bound For Glory, I will not lose,” Angle said. “Because without wrestling, without these ropes, without this ring, without these fans, I don’t have anything.”

Angle and Anderson shook hands. Anderson brought Angle to the middle of the ring and held up his hand. “Kurt Angle everybody…for the very last time.” Angle yanked his hand away and then left the ring. Taz chalked it up to Anderson being an asshole…

Backstage, Ric Flair pumped up Fortune, and specifically A.J. Styles heading into his match. There was some commotion with a bottle. Kazarian told Flair that he’s been iced and then made him get down on his knees and slam the contents of the bottle. Flair strutted afterward… [C]

The TNA Live events video package aired… The “Shore” video aired and teased that they’re coming in two weeks…

Backstage, Kevin Nash and Sting asked Pope if he had any information that can help them out. Pope was reluctant to talk, but Nash pointed out that they saved him. Nash asked if Pope has talked to any broads to get information. Pope overcompensated by saying he talks to all sorts of broads.

Nash mentioned the name of Miss Tessmacher. “You know?” Pope responded. Sting responded, “What do you think we’ve been fighting for all this time?” Pope looked surprised. He said they could count him in. They all bumped fists…

[Q7] A video package recapped the EV2 vs. Fortune feud…

5. A.J. Styles (w/Ric Flair, Matt Morgan) defeated Sabu in a ladder match in 14:50 to gain the man advantage for Fortune in the Lethal Lockdown match at Bound For Glory. Styles used a ladder as a weapon on Sabu. Mick Foley walked out onto the stage and slowly walked to the ring as the show cut to commercial. [C]

[Q8] Morgan and Flair ended up working over Foley, which led to other members from Fortune and EV2 running out and brawling amongst themselves. Taz pointed out that there are no DQ’s in a ladder match. Security ran out to pull the factions apart. Sabu ended up performing a big dive onto three security guards at ringside.

Several wrestlers ended up in the ring with Sabu and Styles. Sabu was about to get the win when James Storm struck him with the beer bottle. Storm helped Styles climb the ladder and pull down the TNA logo that was hanging above the ring to win the match…

Backstage, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam spoke. Hardy talked about winning the TNA Title for Van Dam at the pay-per-view. RVD hugged him and then limped away. Hardy put his shirt on and appeared to wince as he was doing so. Abyss entered the ring and attacked Hardy. He yelled, “10/10/10″… [C]

After the break, Abyss carried Hardy to the ring and threw him down. Abyss took the mic and said he’s sure RVD is wondering why he has his best friend with him. Abyss said he’d get to that in a minute. Abyss said seeing RVD was like seeing a ghost. “You were never supposed to come back,” Abyss said.

Abyss said RVD returning proves that he’s just as ignorant and pathetic as he thought he was. Abyss said “They” gave him strict orders to eliminate RVD from TNA. Abyss said the mistake he made was that he left RVD breathing. Abyss said he’s going to correct his mistake on 10/10/10. Abyss said that at Bound For Glory, “They” will finally reveal themselves and begin the takeover of TNA.

Abyss said he and Janice aren’t going to hurt, maim, or cripple Van Dam. “Janice and I are going to slaughter you,” Abyss said. He said Janice doesn’t want to wait until 10/10/10. Abyss said Janice wants another piece of Van Dam tonight. Abyss called out Van Dam.

[Overrun] RVD’s entrance theme played and he limped onto the stage with a chair in his hand. Van Dam headed to ringside and threw the chair at Abyss’s head. He entered the ring and threw the chair at Abyss’s head again. Van Dam picked up the chair, but Abyss kicked it into RVD’s face.

Abyss roughed up Van Dam. Taz said RVD was there against doctor’s orders and should not be there. Taz picked up Janice. The show concluded with Abyss standing over Van Dam with Janice in his hand.

TNA Reaction picked up where Impact ended. Ink Inc.’s music played and then ran out to help Van Dam. Ink Inc. was able to clear Abyss from the ring. He talked into the camera to end the in-ring segment…





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  • God Of War

    I didn’t really like this episode… AJ vs. Sabu was very disappointing. I was expecting more from both. When AJ is heel, he doesn’t go all out and when Sabu is face, he doesn’t go all out… And this whole thing with Sting and Nash against TNA? For fuck sakes, just spit out what is going on… And does anybody heard anything on who “They” are? Just like everyone else, I thought it was Dreamer and gang. I knew Abyss wasn’t apart of Fortune. He has his own agenda for RVD.

  • K Law

    Go suck your mother’s dick one want’s you here.

  • anonymous

    Who are ‘THEY’…
    Better be someone worthwhile..

  • Orton_fan

    this episode sucked, and i started laughing when rvd showed up, didnt eric say he had stitches going up from his foot to his neck? I mean come on, surely he can do better then that. All i saw were badly taped up bandages.

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