SmackDown Star Out of Action for 6 Months

– SmackDown Superstar Christian is injured and it has been confirmed that he’s torn a pectoral muscle. He will have surgery this week and is expected to be out of action for 6 months following his recovery and physical rehabilitation, according to PWInsider. That would keep him away until February.

Fellow SmackDown star MVP wrote on Twitter:

“Let’s wish [Christian] a successful surgery & a speedy recovery! The good guys need him back quickly.”

Without giving away spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown, there will be an angle on Friday’s show that could be a way to get Christian off television for the next few months.




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  • God Of War

    Wrestlemania is in 6 months starting in October… Wonder if Christian will be healed and ready by then…

  • outsidergold

    how did he get injured? cus he’s been getting hit a lot in that area of injury i think.. like during tv matches like vs mcintyre and the steel steps

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