Jericho Book Cover, Orton Not a Fan of Face Character, More

– Yesterday was Matt Hardy’s birthday. He turned 36 years old.

– Randy Orton is not high on his current babyface character, reports the Pro Wrestling Torch. The reigning WWE Champion feels he’s a natural heel and would prefer to play that role.

– The cover for Chris Jericho’s much anticipated follow-up book to the New York Times bestselling A Lion’s Tale, Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps, has been released.The 432 page hardcover book will be released on February 16, 2011. Below is the cover:




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  • K Law

    Orton needs to give the face role sometime. I do agree that most heel wrestlers can’t make the switch to a face as likewise with faces turning heel. So I don’t get why everyone wants John Cena to turn heel. He fits the face role perfectly even though he still gets boos… Triple H is one of those wrestlers that can play both heel and face and get over.

  • themike

    I think orton became face by accident. with just about everybody maineventing being a heel, and most ppl dont like cena, you’re kinda go for the lesser of two evils.

  • Kurt

    I think most of us old school fans prefer to root for the heels. They are more genuine than someone who go.s out there and tells people what they want to hear. That.s why people don.t like a babyface like Cena. Nobody likes a kiss-ass. (except some of the extremely gay people posting on this site) Anyways, There is a lot more fun rooting for the bad guy. A lot of times they are the better performer too.

  • Bracey

    Kurt don’t forget children are wrestling fans, and a lot of Cena’s fans are younger. He will have parents as fans, plus people also will appreciate his work ethic. I am by no means a fan but I certainly wouldn’t assume someone is gay be being so.

  • God Of War

    So basically Kurt your saying only extreme gays like Cena or any baby face wrestler who goes out to the ring and cater to the fans like they are suppose to? So Hogan fans are gay? Bret Hart fans are gay? Everyone should be like your and root for the heels? You wanna dictator who people chose to cheer for? All of that is basically what you are saying, so I strongly disagree… Cena gets the biggest pops in WWE… Like Bracey said, Cena is a workhorse and people can respect that. You don’t gotta like him but the man works hard.

  • Tony Whiting

    He sucks and itys no doubt his book will too! He should hook up with his fat ass Bodygaurd he had in WCW named Ralphus!!

  • joemoefoe

    hmmmm ok we get it.
    randy orton doesnt like bein face.
    thers been like 7 different post bout it in the past few months.
    suck it up randy.
    wrestlesoop, come on now

  • K Law

    I would also like to point out that im really am gay, honestly. If anyone out there is gay let me know. We can get together with Cena and have an ass ramming orgy.

  • Orton_fan

    babyface or not randy orton is still killer no matter what. Glad he is wwe champion.

    @ k law whats up with you bro? Super weird man, i respect gay people but damn. O_o?

  • Tony Whiting

    so am i k law, maybe you should put it up my ass

  • stoogy

    the funnierest part is that its just 3 guys posting as diferent people. get a life!!!

  • Bubzilla

    I think the reason he’s so popular is because he is kind of a throwback to the Attitude era that a lot of fans, who feel the PG rated stuff is kind of crammed down their throat, miss. The thing is, his character hasnt changed at all, he still RKO’s everything that moves, face or heel, the only time he smiles is if he’s hurt somebody, so I dont see how it matters if he’s face or heel.

  • Kurt

    The gay reference was a joke about the gay posts that someone keeps leaving on this site. Also, i personally don.t have all that big a problem w cena.s role. I was just offering my opinion as to why i think he gets booed. I liked cena best when he was rapping. (in the ring not making music videos)

  • Your poop says

    who the fuck is gay law?

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