More Info On John Cena’s Potential Heel Turn


According to one person who works for WWE shop and knows the numbers, he doesn’t see a heel turn happening in the near future. Cena is said to be too valuable in that department and it would be too much of a risk even if PPV numbers and TV ratings went up as a result.

According to Dave Meltzer, one idea was for Cena to play a role similar to Bret Hart where he’d be a heel for adults but still be a babyface for the kids.




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  • Kurt

    That.s odd. How can he be a face to kids and heel to adults?

  • killarob

    It will be something like stone cold

  • Jesse Mullis

    finilly the end of cenanation.i have been waiting for this for a long time

  • PowerUp 5000

    Cena sucks anyway …

  • K Law

    Its not the end of baby face Cena if you could read Jesse… Don’t they have an education system where your from? Whoever reported this is right… Him being face brings in too much money and a risk of turning him heel could decline the numbers… Stone Cold wasn’t face nor heel… He just did whatever he wanted. He stunned faces and heels no matter who it was. WWE wouldn’t copy Austin’s style with Cena seeing how Randy Orton pretty much does the same thing. He RKO’s faces and heels. If WWE turned Cena heel, he would have to go full pledge heel.

  • WWE lover, john cena hater

    Never mind face or heel, this what everyone been wondering.. Why does john cena not Fuck off out Of WWE.. Please Vince McMahon do all dat you can to bring back The Rock..

  • Cena BRINGS MONEY (message to idiot above)


  • K Law

    Cena’s dick ripped my ass apart.

  • m m

    turn cena to heel close to wrestlemania, then put him against the undertaker. After wrestlemania, turn cena into babyface again. that would be something to look forward to. because if they are going to pit sheamus against the undertaker, tha result would be a very predictable.

  • Tony Whiting

    Hed be best if he wasnt even shown in WWE TV shows!Seman *L* I mean Cena should stop trying to copy the ROCK! And m,aybe a Heel turn will make him stronger and less cockier! He is all mouth and less action!

  • killarob

    Die already

  • Randy Orton

    wow john cena your the bomb and my favorite wrestler when i was little but now im the heavy weight champion hahahahahaha suker!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randy Orton

    John Cena u just cannot beat me im the face of raw u cant ever take my sexy belt u under stand sucker!!!!!!!!!!!aka im really Randy Orton

  • John Cena

    I will beat you that’s why i asked Teddy Long if we could burrow the ring so i can beat the living hell out of u peace wimp.

  • John Cena

    o and get ready its on friday night smack down this week o and nexus is done.

  • John Cena

    im the face of raw and smack down and all these people like to talk smack well im going to beat your guys ass if u come up to me.

  • Randy Orton

    im going to agree with john cena u guys he’s a good fighter even thou i hate him……

  • Joseph Talbot

    john cena doesnt need to turn heel he’ll kick everybody asses on raw smackdown and everybody that gets put in his way bitches

  • Remington Bouyer

    why would people want John Cena to turn heel he has emerged over the past 6 years as a top superstar. I know he has beaten in two of the Wwe’s greats in Triple H and Shawn Micheals at consective Wrestlemaninas but that does not make him a bad person to me now Cena’s personality is similar when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was popular in WWE

  • Tre

    If cena ever turned heel he would b like stone cold n the rock n randy orton wen they turned heel n back to a face its all in the money but I don’t c them doin that cause he brings in a lot of money along with other stars

  • Parth Joshi

    Damn I thought every one is supposed to BOO him… The company thinks its a great risk… But remember even Rock & Stone Cold did the same and it just came out to be great.

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