Backstage Heat On D’Angelo Dinero? is reporting that there is some backstage heat on D’Angelo Dinero. The report states that it’s similar heat to that Dinero had on him during his time in WWE, as many felt that his push got to his head and that he rubbed certain people the wrong way.

When he was Elijah Burke in WWE, and he began gaining notoriety, he began referring to himself as The Black Pope, and this didn’t sit well with others within WWE.

It is also being said that Dinero did not do himself any favors by cutting a 15 minute promo at a recent live event, for which he was scolded by agent D’Lo Brown after the show.



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  • PowerUp 5000

    The Pope did that same BS in WWE , he keep on he will be doing shows at Local Fairgrounds

  • K Law

    What push? One World Title main event? After that, he started tanking… TNA shouldn’t care what The Pope’s attitude is. Just know he can bring in paper if you put his ass on TV and push him to become a World Champion.

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