Update on an Undertaker vs. Sheamus Feud, Zack Ryder’s Character

– Zack Ryder’s character will be pushed more of a “Jersey Shore” knockoff. Apparently this is inspired by TNA’s new Shore characters and some in WWE were upset that TNA had the idea.

– When The Undertaker vs. Sheamus match was talked about for WrestleMania 27, the idea of having it as a title unification match was not discussed. It was just a match talked about for WrestleMania and the discussion over who would be champions then wasn’t talked about.

Backstage Update on WWE Unifying Titles….

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • K Law

    I think knocking off Jersey Shore is a fucking dumb idea. Watching just a minute of that show lowed my fucking IQ. Thanks MTV.

  • Kurt

    I never watched jersey shore but i don.t want to see them bury z.ryder with a lame gimmick. Woo woo what the fuck.

  • outsidergold

    that would be a lame gimmick.. ryder is cool right now

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