GCF Impact Raw – September 22, 2010

Hello GCF Fans! I am very excited about this weeks show, because I finally have an Impact Raw logo! I will now incorporate pictures in my writing, I hope you guys like it! Be sure to check out my first Pay Per view, Domination, this Sunday! Email me your thoughts, at [email protected]! Well then, let’s get started!

Impact Raw’s opening video ends and the electricity is in the air only a few days from the first ever GCF pay per view, Domination! “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have sold out the Prudential Center here in Newark, New Jersey! I’m Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz, and I am so ready for Impact Raw tonight!”  “Oh man Cole, we have not on, not two, but three main events scheduled for tonight! First, we will determine who will fight for the GCF Tag Team Championship at Domination as Team 3D takes on The Motor City Machineguns!”  “That’s gonna be great Tazz, but also tonight, Samoa Joe, Edge, and AJ Styles team up to face Wade Barrett, Kurt Angle and Sheamus!”  “Every man in that match are rivals Cole and I am positive that tensions will be running high!”  “Well Tazz, our first main event will take place right now, Kaval and Rey Mysterio go one on one with the winner being the final participant in the Ultimate X match at Domination!”

X Division Tournament Semi Finals
Kaval vs. Rey Mysterio

Kaval enters to a mixed reaction from the crowd; the crowd seems split on who will win this dream match here tonight. Kaval leaps into the ring and warms up for this huge match. When Rey Mysterio music hits, the fans go absolutely crazy! Mysterio runs down the ramp, high fiving every fan he can on the way to the ring. Rey slides in the ring, and gets right into his corner. Both men study each other and the bell rings. Rey quickly walks towards Kaval, but Kaval backs up and holds the ropes so Rey can’t go at him. Rey screams at Kaval to man up, and Kaval looks like he is about to respond, but instead he knees Rey in the gut. Kaval pounds on Rey’s back until Rey falls on his gut. Kaval knees Rey’s back some more, before locking in a submission where he drives his knee into Rey’s back and pulls Rey’s arms back. Kaval is focusing all of his attention on the back, as Rey tries to squirm out of it. Rey succeeds by flipping over Kaval and Rey ends up behind Kaval. Rey keeps the arm locked and puts Kaval in the same submission that Kaval just had Rey in! Rey now pulls back on the arms of Kaval and now ironically, Kaval is the one trying to squirm out of it! Kaval reaches his foot out and is able to hook the ropes with his foot and Mysterio is forced to release the hold. Both men stand up and quickly lock up. Kaval is able too push Rey against the ropes and Irish whip him. Rey bounces off the ropes and when he comes back, Rey hurracarranas Kaval! The move sends Kaval through the second rope onto the arena floor! Rey quickly flips over the top rope right onto Kaval! Rey stands and hops over the guard rail while fans pat him on the back and Kaval tries to stand. When Kaval stands, Rey jumps over the guard rail, going for his patented seated senton, but Kaval catches him in a powerbomb position, and falls back for an electric chair, slamming Rey’s face onto the ring apron! The fans boo at Kaval, while Rey lies on the floor holding his face. Kaval tries to gain his composure, and slides back into the ring. The referee is at a five count and Kaval signals for the referee to speed it up. Kaval seems ready to take the count out victory, while Rey is just getting to his feet at an eight count. The referee is about to count to ten, but Rey hops in the ring right before the ten count. Kaval is astonished that Rey was able to beat the count! Kaval walks towards Mysterio, but Mysterio drop toe holds Kaval, causing Kaval to land flat on his face. Mysterio jumps up, runs against the ropes, and dropkicks Kaval right in the face! Rey goes for the pin, One, Two, kick out at two by Kaval. Mysterio quickly shakes it off and throws Kaval into the corner. Mysterio lifts Kaval to the top rope, and Rey head up there as well. Rey stands on the top rope, looking to execute a top rope Hurracarrana, but Kaval causes Rey to lose his balance, and Mysterio falls into a tree of woe.  Kaval regains himself on the top rope, before jumping and stomping Rey for a Warriors Way while Rey was in the tree of woe! Rey lands on the back of his head, and Kaval slowly drags Rey away from the ropes, and goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two!! Rey somehow kicked out, and Kaval cannot believe it! Kaval pounds his fists down, grabs Rey’s mask and puts him in a suplex position. Kaval lifts Rey up, going for his signature Kaval Krusher (Fisherman Driver), but Rey reverses with an Arm Drag that sends Kaval right onto the second rope! Rey runs against the ropes and *BAM* 619! The 619 sends Kaval on his back in the middle of the ring, and Rey jumps off the top rope for a splash! Rey has the pin, One, Two, and Three!!!

Winner- Rey Mysterio!!

Rey celebrates in the ring while Kaval lies on the mat holding his gut. “There you have it Cole. At Domination, it will be Homicide vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler in an Ultimate X match for the X Division Championship!”  “A very impressive showing by both men Tazz, and Rey certainly earned the win.” “It’s going to be awesome at Domination Cole, but right now, we have Todd Grisham standing by for an interview.”
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Wade Barrett. Wade what are your thoughts on this Sundays Number One Contenders Fatal Four Way match?”  “Todd, I warned everyone that I would be a force to be reckoned with in GCF. I took out Jay Lethal. I took out the Viper, Randy Orton. I destroyed a multiple time World Champion, because he was threatened by me. Randy Orton is a shell of his former self, and I took advantage. I am the future of this business, and I took out one of the top guys here. At Domination, I will prove why I am the future, and that Randy Orton and the other competitors in the Fatal Four Way, are the past.” Wade walks away with a serious look on his face. “Thanks for your time Wade.”
“Wade seems pretty confident about his chances, Tazz.”  “Why not, Cole? He has been on a roll lately and he has a reason to be confident.” Mark Henry’s music hits and he are ready for our next match.

Mark Henry vs. R-Truth

Henry walks down to the ring with an angry snarl on his face. The fans show their hatred towards Henry, but he is too angry to care. Truth runs out singing his entrance theme as always, and the fans sing along. Truth is trying to rebound from his loss to Dashing Cody Rhodes a few weeks ago, but he has to get through an angry beast in Henry. Truth dances into the ring, and shouts what’s up to the Newark fans. He puts the mic down, and the bell rings, but when Truth looks up from putting the mic down, he is greeted by Henry running full force at him! Henry splashes Truth in the corner, and knees Truth in the gut a few times before backing up. Truth falls to one knee, but Henry lifts him up and locks him in a bear hug. Truth flaps his arms around to try to escape, but Henry isn’t letting Truth go anywhere. Henry walks towards the middle of the ring, and keeps the hold in tight. Truth elbows Henry trying to escape and doesn’t stop the elbows. Henry lets go of the hold and truth hops away from him. Truth dropkicks Henry, and it knocks him into the ropes. Truth runs back at Henry, but Henry throws Truth over the ropes onto the floor! Henry holds his head and regains himself, before reaching over the ropes and grabbing Truths head, and pulling him into onto the ring apron! Henry tries to pull Truth back into the ring, but Truth holds onto the ropes. Henry goes for a punch, but Truth catches his arm, and drops it across the ropes. Henry backs away from the ropes, stunned, and Truth heads to the top rope. Truth dives and hits a cross body on the big man! Truth has the pin, One, Two; Henry throws Truth off of him before the three count. Henry quickly gets to his feet, as does Truth. Truth runs back at Henry, but Henry catches him and slams him down for the Worlds Strongest Slam out of no where! Henry pins Truth, One, Two, and Three.

Winner- Mark Henry

Henry screams in satisfaction, but it doesn’t look like he is done. Henry stomps on Truth some more before tossing him to the outside. Henry slowly walks out of the ring, and gets in front of the fallen Truth. Henry rips off the protective padding on the outside and picks Truth up. Henry looks like he is getting ready to hit the Worlds Largest Slam on the cement! Right before Henry slams him down, Tyler Black runs down the ramp. Henry notices, drops Truth down and runs at Black. An all out brawl ensues between Henry and Black with Black holding his own. Referees and Security run down the ramp to separate the two. Henry and Black try to break free, and the crowd chants Let them fight! Black breaks free and jumps over security onto Henry. Security hops back on Black and are separated. Security pulls Black to the back, while Henry tries to break free from the hold of security. “This feud is getting heated Cole. Both men want to rip the others head off!”  “Well bravo to Tyler for helping Truth before Henry could hurt him some more.”  “I don’t think Black really cares about Truth, I think Black just wants some of Henry.”
The camera pans to the back where we see Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff walking down the hall arguing. “Hang on Eric, I’m on the phone.”  “Jeff, who could you possibly be on the phone with?”  “If you must know Eric, I’m trying to get a hold of Matt Morgan. I haven’t seem him in a while, and he’s our champion!”  Eric grabs Jeff’s cell phone and closes it.  “I gave Matt a break until after Domination, Jeff. I think he deserved a little vacation.”  “You did what?! We are co-gm’s, you need to tell me things?!”  “Listen Jeff; forget that, I need to talk to you. Our match at Domination is coming up, but I am willing to make you a deal. If you surrender that match and make me full general manager again, I will give you the Intercontinental Championship. What do you say?”  Jarrett still has an angry look on his face after hearing the news about Jarrett. “No Eric, I won’t accept that offer. In fact, since you didn’t talk to me about the Morgan decision, I won’t talk to you about this, I’ll just tell you. Our match at Domination will be No Holds Barred.”  Jeff’s angry face turns into a smile and he walks down the hall while Eric stands there in shock.
“Haha, looks like Jeff Jarrett had the last laugh Tazz.”  “This isn’t fair Cole! Eric Bischoff is not a trained competitor, but Jarrett is a multi time World Champion!”  “Whatever Tazz, right now we get to see four of the best competitors compete with a shot at the GCF Tag Team Titles on the line. Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machine Guns is up next!”

GCF Tag Team Tournament Semi Finals
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D

The Guns run out to a huge applause from the crowd. The Guns look ready to go as they are already in the ring. The Guns motivate each other, until Team 3D walk out. The guns turn their heads to watch Bubba and Devon walk down the ramp. The fans boo at the famous tag team while Team 3D warm up in the ring. The bell rings and it starts off with Alex Shelley and Bubba Ray. Bubba and Shelley lock up, with Bubba getting the upper hand and pushing Shelley to the corner. Devon tags himself in, and kicks Shelley in the chest. Bubba gets on the ring apron, while Devon kicks Shelley some more. Devon picks Shelley up and drops him down with a reverse DDT! Devon covers, one, kick out before the two count. Devon drags Shelley to the corner and tags in Bubba. Devon Irish whips Shelley into the ropes, and when he comes back, Devon and Bubba deliver a double flapjack! Bubba covers, One, Two, kick out at two by Shelley. Bubba lifts Shelley up into a fireman carry position, and drops him down for a Samoan Drop. Bubba covers again, One, Two, kick out at two again! Bubba stands and tags in Devon, who gets to the top rope. Bubba spreads Shelley’s legs and they are looking for the Wassup. Devon dives down, but Shelley moves and Devon lands right on his face. Shelley crawls underneath Bubbas legs, and dropkicks Bubba into the corner. Bubba falls down after being whipped into the corner right on top of Devon! Bubba rolls out of the ring, and Shelley crawls over to try to tag Chris Sabin. Shelley reaches his hand out, while Devon is just getting to his feet. Devon dives at Shelley to stop him, but he is too late as Shelley tags in Sabin! Sabin springboards over the ropes and dropkicks Devon down! Both men quickly stand, but Sabin quickly connects with a snap suplex on Devon. Sabin leaps up to the top rope, and dives down again with a frog splash. Sabin goes for a pin, One, Two, Devon kicks out. On the outside of the ring, you see Bubba come behind Shelley and pull him down to the floor and stomp on him. The referee tries to stop this, but Bubba won’t stop. Inside the ring, Sabin goes to lift up Devon, but Devon rakes the eyes of Sabin. Chris Sabin turns his back to Devon to try to recover, and Devon take advantage by swinging Sabin around and putting him in a powerbomb position. Devon lifts Sabin up and power bombs him hard to the mat. Devon covers, One, Two, kick out by Sabin! Devon shouts at Bubba for a 3D to finish it off, and Bubba gets into the ring. Devon quickly picks Sabin up and puts him 3D position, and Bubba finishes it, executing a 3D! Bubba gets back into his corner, and Devon covers, One, Two, Shelley comes out of no where to break it up! Bubba gets into the ring and goes after Shelley, but Shelley dodges a clothesline from Bubba, and grabs Bubbas neck. Shelley jumps up and perfectly connects with a Standing Sliced Bread No. 2!!! Shelley and Bubba roll out of the ring, and its just Sabin and Devon. Devon stands and pulls Shelley up. Devon sets Sabin up for a Saving Grace. Devon lifts Sabin up, but Sabin reverses by kneeing Devon in the face in mid air! Devon lets Sabin go, and Devon is stunned! Sabin runs up and puts Devon in a small cradle pinning predicament, One, and Two, And THREE!! The Guns steal one!

Winners- Motor City Machine Guns!!

“The Guns win! Guns win, Tazz!”  The Guns celebrate while a still stunned Devon tries to figure out what just happened. Shelley points to Devon, and the Guns Double Superkick Devon! Devon rolls out of the ring holding his chin. The Guns pose to the crowd, and the fans show their love. Break down the walls! The Guns turn their attention to the ramp where Chris Jericho slowly walks out to the top of the ramp alone. The Guns focus all of their attention on him. The Guns look ready for a fight, but from behind Christian slides in the ring! Christian boot Sabin the back of the head and Sabin falls to the ground. Shelley quickly turns around to try to fight Christian, and punches Christian all over! Christian gets backed into the corner by Shelley, but Chris Jericho spins Shelley around, and hits a Codebreaker! Christian stands and hooks both of Shelley’s arms before Alex falls, and executes a perfect Killswitch! Jericho points to Sabin and both men walk over to him. Christian pulls Sabin up and Jericho performs another Codebreaker, and Christian once again hooks the arm for a Killswitch! The fans boo, but Christian and Jericho are laughing in the ring. Christian and Jericho leave the ring, shake hands and talk while walking up the ramp.
The camera goes back to the commentary table where Tazz has a smile on his face and Michael Cole has a concerned look on his face.  “What’s wrong Cole? Looks like you just saw a ghost.”  “What do you mean what’s wrong?! The Guns were just attacked for no reason by Jericho and Christian!”  “Oh come on Cole. Christian and Jericho wanted to show The Guns that they have the ability to beat them and they just proved it.” Oh Radio tell me everything you know.

Zack Ryder vs. Finlay

The much more aggressive Ryder walks down the ramp. The fans scream their hatred at Ryder in the form of boos. The Long Island Loudmouth walks up the steps and into the ring. Ryder taunts to the fans, and the boos get even louder. Finlay’s music comes on and the fans give the Irishman a great reaction. The fans know that when Finlay is around, Hornswoggle is near. Finlay slides into the ring and wastes no time in running at Ryder. Finlay really does love to fight as he kicks and punches Ryder in the corner. Finlay is pulled away from Ryder by the referee, and the bell rings. Finlay runs at Ryder again, but Ryder puts his foot up and Finlay runs right into it. Finlay backs away, and Ryder runs at him. Ryder jumps up for a Ruff Ryder, but Finlay catches him and reverses with a powerbomb! Finlay goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two.  Finlay lifts Ryder up, and throws some European Uppercuts at Ryder that knocks Zack into the ropes. Ryder bounces off the ropes, and Finlay clotheslines him back down. Finlay tries to pin again, One, Two, kick out again. Finlay grabs Ryder’s arm and hooks in a one arm chicken wing. Ryder tries escaping by using his other arm to punch Finlay’s head. Finlay withstands the punches for a while, before finally letting go. Finlay and Ryder stand, but Ryder knocks Finlay down with a dropkick. Ryder wastes no time by grabbing Finlay and slamming him down again with a Russian leg sweep. Ryder goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out. Ryder wastes no time and gets up to the top turnbuckle. Ryder waits for Finlay to stand, and when he does, Ryder jumps at Finlay, but Finlay dives out of the way. Ryder lands hard, slamming his face against the mat. Finlay takes full advantage by yanking Ryder onto his shoulders in a Fireman Carry position. Finlay flips for a Rolling Fireman Carry slam on Ryder! Finlay goes for another pin, One, Two, kick out at Two! Finlay shoots an intimidating look to the referee. Finlay picks Ryder up and tries putting him in position for the Celtic Cross! Ryder elbows Finlay before he can connect with the move, and Ryder slides behind Finlay. Ryder shoves Finlay forward right into the referee! The ref falls to his knees, and Finlay turns around and running knees Ryder in the face. Finlay tries to pin, but the referee is still down! Finlay lays Ryder for well over three seconds, before standing and trying to get the referee up. From underneath the ring though, Hornswoggle comes out with a shillelagh! Finlay notices, smiles, and signals for Hornswoggle to thorw it in. Hornswoggle does and then goes back underneath the ring. Finlay grabs the shillelagh and waits for Ryder to stand. When Ryder stands, Finlay tries hitting him, but Ryder kicks him in the stomach just in time. Ryder grabs the shillelagh, and rocks Finlay with Finlay’s own signature weapon! Ryder tosses the shillelagh out of the ring and the referee stands up. Ryder grabs Finlay’s arm and executes the Zack Attack! Zack Ryder pins Finlay, One, Two, Three!

Winner- Zack Ryder

Ryder says a few things to Finlay before having his hand raised by the referee. Ryder exits the ring and walks down the ramp looking very satisfied. Finlay is out cold from the weapon shot and the Zack Attack.
“What a win for Ryder, Cole! Finlay tried to cheat, but Zack turned that around by smacking Finlay with his own shillelagh!”  “Zack has definitley placed himself right in the IC Title picture, Tazz. Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sunday is the first ever pay per view.” “I have some huge news Cole. Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff have decided that at Domination, Tyler Black and Mark Henry, will face off one on one in a grudge match!”  “That is some huge news, Tazz. Those two guys want to tear eachother’s head off, and they get the chance at Domination.”  We go to the back where we see Carlito walking to his car in the parking lot. Todd Grisham is chasing after him and gets his attention, “Carlito, are you still planning on making an open challenge at Domination?”  “How many times do I have to say this, Todd. Yes, I’m opening an open challenge. Why? Because…….Thats cool.” Carlito smugly walks away.
Back in the arena, the ring is cleared and its time for the main event! It’s a shameful for they, lost their head.

Sheamus, Edge and Kurt Angle vs. Edge, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

Sheamus enters to major heat from the crowd. He doesn’t care as he just slowly gets into the ring. Kurt Angle comes out next to of course You Suck chants. Angle looks at the fans in disgust and just walks down the ramp. Angle slides into the ring and cautiously discusses a strategy with his opponent on Sunday, Sheamus. NXT Season One winner Wade Barrett’s music hits and the fans boo louder than they ever have at him. Barrett is focused on gaining momentum into his match on Sunday, so he doesn’t care about the fans. Barrett takes his time in getting in the ring, and when he does, he joins the discussion between Angle and Sheamus. When Samoa Joe’s music comes on, all three men get out of the ring in a hurry because Joe ran down to the ring to clear them out. The fans gice Joe a very positive reaction and chant, Joe is gonna kill you! Joe paces in his corner, until AJ walks out. Joe stops and waits for his partnerto get to the ring. AJ is also given a positive reaction from the crowd as they love the two former TNA World Champions.

AJ hops in the ring, nods at Joe, and embraces the fans. The Rated R Superstar’s infamous music begins and the fans blow the roff of the building! Edge walks down the ramp to deafaning cheers from the fans! Edge smiles and slides in the ring. Edge lies on the mat for a second staring at his three opponents. Edge stands and gets into his corner with his teammates. Sheamus, Kurt, and Barrett discuss who will go in first, and Wade decides to be the first man in. Over by the other corner, AJ is the first to go in as the bell rings.

AJ and Wade lock up, and push eachother back and forth, with neither man gaining an advantage. Wade finally pushes AJ into the corner, but AJ pushes Wade away. Wade runs at the corner, but AJ moves out of the way, and quickly rolls Wade up! One, Two, kick out right before the three count! AJ shows Wade that he can win their match Sunday at any time, and Wade stands with a nervous look on his face. Wade quickly tags in Sheamus, and gets out of the ring. Sheamus looks at Wade with a confused look on his face, but stll gets in the ring. He has no time to study Styles though, because AJ runs right at him and jumps for a dropkick! The kick knocks Sheamus right into the ropes, and AJ clotheslines him over! Sheamus tries to stand, but AJ jumps over the ropes right onto Sheamus! Barrett and Angle go after AJ, but Styles quickly hops back in the ring. AJ does his signature pose for the fans, while Sheamus yells at Angle and Barrett. AJ baseball slides right into Sheamus beneath the bottom rope, causing Sheamus to push Wade and Kurt back first into the announce table! Sheamus slams his fists on the announce table, and then scrambles back into the ring. AJ runs at Sheamus again, but Sheamus knocks him down with a vicious Discus Double Axe

Handle! AJ falls down with a thud, and Sheamus tries to pin him, One, Two kick out at Two. Sheamus thought he had won just like that, but AJ proved him wrong. Sheamus drags AJ over to his corner and tags in Angle. Angle stomps on AJ a few times before lifting him up and putting him a german suplex postion. Kurt slams AJ down with a german suplex, but doesn’t release his grip. Kurt german suplexes AJ two more times, before finally releasing his hold. Kurt goes over for a pin, One, Two, kick out again by AJ. Angle slides off of the pin attempt, right in front of AJ’s ankle. Angle grabs the ankle and hooks in the Ankle Lock! AJ reaches his arms to the ropes, but he isnt even close. AJ uses his power to get to one leg, but Angle doesn’t release the hold. AJ uses his one foot to jump over to the ropes, forcing Angle to release the hold.

Angle has a very frustrated look on his face, and tries to drag AJ from the ropes, but AJ connects with a pele! The kick sends Angle to his back, and AJ reaches to try to tag in Edge or Joe. Angle tries to do the same thing with his partners, and he does as he tags in Barrett, but AJ reaches his arm out ant tags in Edge! Wade and Edge run at eachother, but Edge boots Barrett right in the face! Edge grabs Barretts neck and puts him in a DDT position. Edge slams Barretts face down with an Edgeucation! Edge goes for a pin on Barrett, One, Two, Sheamus breaks it up! AJ runs in and throws Sheamus out of ring, and heads to the top turnbuckle!

AJ flips off the top turnbuckle and crossbodies Sheamus on the outside! Edge stands in the ring and measures Wade for a Spear! Wade stands up, and Edge runs at him, but Barrett throws Edge right into the steel ring post! Barrett pulls Edge away, but he doesn’t notice Joe tag himself in. Barrett pulls Edge to the middle of the ring and picks Edge up for the Wasteland, but from behind Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch on Barrett! Wade drops Edge and falls to the mat. Joe has the Clutch in tight, and Wade has no choice, but to tap out.

Winners- AJ Styles, Edge and Samoa Joe

Joe keeps the hold locked in for a few more seconds before releasing the hold. Joe notices in the corner of his eye that Angle is trying to stand by the corner. Joe runs over there and puts Angle on the top turnbuckle. Joe screams at Angle, before slapping him across the face, and putting him in Muscle Buster position. Joe slams Angle down, finishing his signature finisher! Joe walks over to the referee to get his hand raised. Edge stands up and goes next to Joe. They get into eachothers faces, trying to intimidate each other. “What a great match, Cole. Every man wanted to show something and they did.”  “Definitley Tazz, remember fans, Domination is THIS SUNDAY, so make sure you don’t miss that. We are out of time, we will see you Sunday, for Domination!”  The final shot is of Edge and Joe face to face, saying some words to eachother before the ppv.


World Heavyweight Championship
Samoa Joe vs. Edge

World Title Number One Contenders match
AJ Styles vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sheamus

Ultimate X match for the X Division Championship
Homicide vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio

GCF Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho and Christian vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Winner becomes General Manager of Impact Raw
Eric Bischoff vs. Jeff Jarrett

Grudge Match
Tyler Black vs. Mark Henry

Carlito’s open challenge








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