Concern Over RAW, People Pushed for Cena to Win WWE Title, More

– There was almost an immediate reaction within WWE when the 2.8 RAW rating came out this week. There is concern that next week’s taped show against the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers game may be the same or even worse.

WWE cut commercial spots this week to heavily push Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho for next week. There was a lot of unhappiness at the SmackDown tapings last night, but some of that was overreacting. There’s a feeling that things will change starting with the live SmackDown show coming up and the post-Hell in a Cell RAW.

While it hasn’t been a week yet since Randy Orton won the WWE Title, there is already some people in the company who are second-guessing the decision to put the belt back on him. Some feel that they pushed Orton hard for weeks and then gave him the belt and nobody seemed to care about it once he won. Some people were pushing to put the belt back on John Cena while others feel that this is a sign that Cena needs to turn heel because his face run is over.

WWE Title Plans Changed, New RAW/SmackDown Pushes, More Backstage News…

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  • K Law

    WWE gave Randy Orton the Super Cena retreatment. For weeks, no one could touch him. He RKO’ed everyone before, during, or after matches and stood tall at the end of pretty much every show. He eliminated the most people at Night of Champions in the 6 Pack Challenge Match. Not saying they should had made him look weak but WWE booked her way over. I still like the idea that he’s champion. Maybe they should give him a long face run with the title… And turning Cena heel is still questionable IMO. When they do it, it has to be done right and when no one expects it to happen.

  • K Law

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  • Alex

    The only reason no cares about orton with the belt is b/c it swiches between 4 to 5 same guys every year they need to change it up asap and make reins last long

  • Brown

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  • K Law

    idiot, my mouth is already open. Id rather take cena’s load into my mouth and in my ass.

  • Tony Whiting

    Oh its [email protected] That red beaker looking forigener isnt champ no more and Cena isnt so It is good where it is!

  • Nick

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  • Blood Red Sandman

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  • lawrence

    This is a wrestling site not a gay chat room so fuckoff u fags

  • Justin

    The smart money woulda been to keep the belt on Sheamus as unpopular as it sounds. He won his first title under questionable circumstances. Some could argue (not me) that his reign was premature and that in the match itself the design of the finish wasn’t favorable to Sheamus as it could be argued that Cena “fell” into the table just as easily as it can be said that Sheamus put him throught it.
    His PPV defense vs. Orton at the Royal Rumle was a non-finish that was very storyline oriented. Losing the title in the Elimination Chamber was what it was and he never quite got that rematch. Flash forward to Fatal 4 Way where he won his second title under obviously questionable circumstances via Nexus interference. The cage match vs. Cena at Money in the Bank was no different as well. They missed the boat at Summerslam for him and Orton to put on a Match of the Year quality performance and gave a non-finish DQ to that one as well.
    That brings us to Night of Champions, at this juncture while Sheamus’s actions and level of performance are what make him a main event player, he has yet to acheive a major championship victory. Night of Champions was a huge oppurnity to get him that benchmark win. The WWE has a keen knack for making the point clear that in such chaotic multi-man title matches (Chamber, 4 way, etc.) it’s almost a guarantee a new champion will be crowned. It’s a smart approach to take as well. In most cases making a title switch is a good booking decision because a return match could be properly booked as a big deal. But in this case Sheamus is the heel, nobody wants to see him get the belt back. Also the ppv is in 2 weeks so what could possiby be done for me to really want to see this match even more. Although I do becuase I think both Orton and Sheamus are THAT DAMN GOOD. Anyways, I woulda given Sheamus a huge win over all the other top guys at Night of Champions. He get’s something he will never let down to the WWE Universe, while the whole world thought a title change was going to happen and only thought of Orton and Cena, Sheamus coulda swooped in quietly retained his title much with a “clutch” performance to the shock and dismay of all and truly cemented himself as a champion and allowed for a little longer of a chase from the Ortons and Cenas of the world.

  • killarob

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  • PowerUp 5000

    Wwe is trying there Best 2 run Cena in the ground, It seems like the star power and Championship runs are lacking in WWE ..Seems like WWE only thinks Cena or when healthy Triple H or Undertaker should have the runs..Let orton have his run and keep promoting new faces and heels. Undertaker is on his last let sois Triple H and Cena will soon. WWE has may horses in the stable start using them or lose them 2 injury

  • K Law

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