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– Randy Orton was trending on Twitter last night after winning the WWE Title at Night of Champions.

– WWE will return to Chicago at the Allstate Arena on December 26th for a matinee show that starts at 5pm. Tickets go on sale October 30th.

– As noted before, the buzz going around WWE is that Chris Jericho is done for the time being. Jericho, who isn’t expected to be at RAW tonight, wrote the following on Twitter last night: “Since I’ve apparently made my last appearance in the WWE, I guess I have nothing to do tomorrow…. The websites have spoken!!! Whatever, I’m goin to Calgary tomorrow so I’ll let yall hash it out…”

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  • 619

    Jericho,u r a great wrestler in my opinion.plz dont go like this way….

  • TJ

    It’s too bad they wasted Jericho. He was, and still is, one of the mosted talented wrestlers they have, but during his comeback, they made him terrible. He’s way more tallented than John Cena.


    i don’t think i’ll be watching wwe for awhile, think i’ll have to catch ROH more often, can’t believe how much they’ve wasted jericho, he should be on top of the world

  • ARG

    Wwe is in big trouble for two reasons they have lost there most talented wrestlers like eddie guerrero,benoit and now they are losing jericho and hardy due to bad bookings and storylines.wwe can promote shit like cena and sheamus but cannot give respect to the wrestlers who actually helped wwe in beating many times guys like cena,orton and sheamus have put there bodies on stake and done a high risk manaur which hardy’s,edge,christian,jericho have done many times to entertain us! And what do they get just being use to give push to young or upcoming talent which is just waste,the reason i am saying this is the new wwe superstars are just talking and when it comes to wrestling they are just awfull, for eg cody rhodes and ziggler.and the biggest shit are the wwe writers who does even see how the wrestler is or what are his abilities,i know Wwe does not care about tna .tna has the best tag team division and on the other hand wwe just don’t have enough talented tag teams which could maintain the title’s prestige.if this jerichos retirement then hats off to him and thank you for great wrestling matches amii geeto AL NINO

  • blacky

    wwe is a nigger

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