WWE Night of Champions Dark Match, Several Titles Change Hands

– Michelle McCool is the first-ever WWE Unified Divas and Women’s Champion after defeating Melina at tonight’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

– Daniel Bryan won his first championship with WWE tonight as he defeated The Miz by submission for the United States Championship.

– The Hart Dynasty put their WWE Tag Team Titles on the line tonight in a gauntlet match and lost the match in the first elimination to The Usos. Teams in the match includes The Harts, The Usos, Mark Henry & Evan Bourne, Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella as well as Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre. It came down to Henry & Bourne vs. Rhodes & McIntyre with Cody & Drew becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

– Randy Orton is the new WWE Champion after winning the Six Pack Challenge tonight. The match came down to Orton and Sheamus.

– The dark match before Night of Champions saw John Morrison beat Ted DiBiase with Starship Pain after Maryse accidentally slapped DiBiase.

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  • PowerUp 5000

    Glad they gave. Orton the Belt

  • anonymous

    Sheamus has only been on the main roster for not quite 2 years, or is it longer… Oh well who cares.. Point is he already a former 2 time WWE champion..
    Something wrong with that..
    Titles and championships mean fuck all nowadays..
    On a related note, kinda glad they kept the SD belt on Kane..

  • joemoefoe

    hmmmm barret wins nXt but bryan gets a title before him? haha SHOCKING!!!

  • PowerUp 5000

    Yeah I Agree Barrett dosent get the Belt and Byran gets Title..WWE is playing make up with Bryan 4 letting him go 4 that BS tie incident and Invasion they did on Cena…I’m glad Bryan is getting a push, he can actually wrestle unlike MIZ

  • K Law

    Not pleased about McCool having her ego boosted by becoming Undisputed Women’s Champion but the rest of night seemed great!

  • killarob

    K law get the fuck off my site and ortan winning the belt oh what a suprise with that but who took cena out they didn’t say

  • uranus

    would ya’ll niggers quit being mad at people

  • K Law

    Your mom spread her legs and showed Cena her swampy cunt… That’s what eliminated him and send him running to the bathroom to puke. You’re a fucking loser Rob. Half fag, half pussy, all bitch made. Do God a favor and correct his mistake for allowing you to breathe…

  • K Law

    I think i.m gonna go kill myself. Bye

  • uranus

    hang yourslef like a nigger.

  • george

    WWE is going downhill….. FAST

  • lawrence

    I agree but orton may help them and the return of Paul berear

  • @ lawrence

    Ya buddy,you are wright.and may be,kaval and daniel bryan can help them too.

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