Sean Waltman Comments On His Recent Drug Arrest

Sean Waltman posted the following at his Twitter account TheRealXPac:

“Some c— stole my wallet with 1500.00 in it & my id. Got arrested for possession of half a joint’s worth of weed. Still in NY 4 some biz.”

“Im in NY area with no weed 2 smoke. Cops took it. Anyone in the area want to hook a brother up?”

“i love the websites that say i was arrested 4 drugs. like they dont know it was just weed. I didnt have an 8 ball 4 f—’s sake. 1/2 a joint”




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  • Alfred

    A joint , 8 ball or any other drug that is ill-eagle without a written prescription & if you are caught with any amount of drugs in my opinion you should serve jail time !

  • Nazi killer

    Shit. Not in CA. Cops don.t even trip off weed anymore. It.s gonna be legal in november. Legalize it! Tobacco is far more lethal. It.s been proven.

  • Anonymous

    I think they should legalize it too. No one should go to jail for a joint. That.s stupid. I don.t smoke a lot but there is nothing wrong with smoking as long as you can hold a job and pay your bills. Most stoners are losers because irresponsible. How many losers will flock to California after it.s legal though?

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