Nexus Star Getting Married, HBK at Cabela’s, WWE Supershow

– Shawn Michaels will be doing a seminar at Cabela’s in Kansas City on October 2nd at 10am.

– Nexus star David Otunga and his fiancee Jennifer Hudson will be getting married later this year. The two will be moving out of Florida and back to Chicago, where she is from. They had been living in Tampa since Otunga was working out of Florida Championship Wrestling.

– WWE will be holding a Supershow on October 17th in West Valley City, Utah – the night before the Bragging Rights pay-per-view. Matches advertised are Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title, Kane vs. Undertaker in a steel cage match and CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston.

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  • Tony Whiting

    OH Joy the shiny head dude Otanga is getting hitched to Hudson Happy happy Joy joy! And HBK? What a joke! What is gonna do Lie again at Cabelas? Thats what he has been doing for years in the WWE!

  • vinnydictive

    @Tony… was that post really worth your time?

    @Wrestlescoop…thanks for lettings us know that either Orton or Sheamus will win tonight..spoiler alert maybe?

  • lawrence

    Orton 2 win but I dnt want jericho 2 leave

  • K Law

    Tony… Your an idiot…

    Vinny… Card subject to change… WWE always advertise who’s the current champion and challenger ahead of time for live events and they always list card subject to change if the title changes hands from now until the live event. So I wouldn’t consider this a spoiler…

  • killarob

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