Matt Hardy Indicates That He Will Join TNA

Matt Hardy is indicating on Twitter that he’s headed to TNA Wrestling. A fan asked him if there was any chance he’d team up again with his brother Jeff to re-form The Hardy Boyz. Matt replied:

“A 100% chance 🙂 And I can’t wait..”

Another fan also tweeted the following to Hardy:

matt comon man you got a losing streak ur not the matt I watch a long time ago. He received the following reply from Hardy:

“You’re right-plan on changing that. It’s time for me to go somewhere that’ll I’ll be given a fair chance-that’s all I want.”




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  • PowerUp 5000

    Wow, TNA please don’t get this Lazy Whiny Matt Hardy !! TNA is the new WCW if they get Matt Hardy…Bad move if they sign em

  • uranus

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  • anonymous

    Who gives a rats arse where Hardy goes. As long as it shuts up his bitchin and moanin…

  • lawrence

    Hardy should go to tna cos its more of a wrestling based show wwe is going down hill they spend more time talking shit then wrestling

  • killarob

    What happen when the last hardy got tna nothing and what’s gonna happen when this hardy get to tna nothing he should just call it quits ur not helping anyone here

  • lawrence

    U talking 2 me?

  • K Law

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  • K Law

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  • yo

    and i qoute yes but if wwe finds out that mat joins with jeff and team 3d wins the campionships you may be loking ata the feud of the year

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