Carlito Posts His Thoughts On TNA

Carlito posted his thoughts on TNA Impact on Twitter:

“well, i didnt see anything that bad except 4 that Lacey VonErich. TNA has a pretty good roster. That generation me looks like mini Hardys! Oh also, that Abyss segment. how is anybody supposed to believe that? He’s gonna show up next week after committing kidnapping and torture? Last time i checked that’s at least a 25 year prison sentence! is the Orlando police just gonna let it slide and let the face handle it? Not picking on Abyss, i like him. I just hate angles u cant believe. Like when Hunter broke into Orton’s house. I asked him if he was gonna b at mania? He asked why? I said u got arrested and they got everything on TV!..he didn’t find it funny! oh well. And what about that idiot that stabbed Cena? oh, wait a minute…nevermind!”




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  • Andrew

    Pretty fair analysis and at least he talked about WWE’s bad storylines. He also made me laugh with his last statement, since the person(s) who did “stab” Cena was Carlito himself and or his bodyguard Jesus

  • Tony Whiting

    Carlito is a wierd ass who cant function to well! I bet that is some sort of Afro he is supposed to be sporting! Oh well Why did he leave WWE? Fired or no one liked him? Oh wait Who cares! I didnt like the guy!! *L*

  • Nazi killer

    Andrew could you remind me about the jesus thing? It sounds vaguely familiar. That happened a long time ago

  • anonymous

    @nazi killer
    Im not andrew but i can tell you.

    Jesus was Carlitos storyline bodyguard about 4 years back (give or take) and storyline ‘attacked and stabbed’ John Cena..
    Of course Cena was actually out filming his 1st movie role at the time.. Which ended up sucking anyway..

    Hope this helps..

  • Andrew

    I remember him mostly for winning the US title in his debut match in WWE on SD! and then he won the IC title in his debut match on Raw (I THINK it was his Raw debut but I’m not 100% positive)

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