Ring Rust Review: Impact 9/15/10

*************Impact Spoiler Alert****************

Last week we took a look at the offerings of Monday Night Raw, this week lets visit with TNA Impact. Like always TNA shows signs of greatness one week and falls on its face the following week. I think this week was one of those downer weeks, let’s review.

The opening saw Matt Hardy’s brother Jeff and Kurt Angle discussing the great match they had. Out comes Uncle Eric with a cool announcement regarding the next pay per view, a three way between Anderson, Angle, and Hardy.  Dixie comes out and overrides Eric, much like Hulk overrode Dixie a couple of weeks back, and makes a no time limit match tonight.  Hopefully, this “who is in charge” thing is leading to a storyline.

Now with such an announcement one would think you would start the match sometime within the first hour, or perhaps the beginning of the second hour to give the illusion that this might be a long match, but no they start it when three quarters of the program is done, so now there is sort of a time limit unless they do something silly like make it bleed over to another show.  Please note if you are going to bleed over matches on to another show then cut out the middle man and make Impact three hours , that stunt with the Hardy versus Angle match was dumb in my opinion.

Next we have “I ate Samoa” Joe versus Kevin Nash in what turned out to be a big catfight between Nash, Sting, Joe and Jerrett.  So between Abyss’s rants about “them” and these two (Nash and Sting) complaining like senior citizens on bingo night I am starting to lose interest in whatever storyline they are trying to get across. I hope when October 10th comes around we will get some answers.

Congratulations to Jay Lethal for winning the X-Division belt, but again considering the history between Lethal and Ric Flair why was Fortune not at ringside or involved in the match, fine you want to get Jay “over” but he would have been more “over” if he won despite outside interference.  Again it seems like these matches and storylines are put together on the fly and no one knows what is going on.

The TNA knockouts are next so if you will excuse me I’m going to get a snack. These matches used to be the highlight of the show and something to look forward to, however TNA much like WWE seems to have dropped the ball on women’s wrestling and NXT season three is not helping, but that’s another column.  In short Wilde and Hamada retain against Madison and Lacy. Yes not only is she’s back but she got attacked after the match by her partner only to be saved by The Beautiful People who then give her a hug, although I kind of liked that part.

Tommy Dreamer comes out and calls out the members of Fortune and cuts a nice promo only to be attacked by Fortune, out comes Brian Kendrick to try and save Tommy. Brain who apparently just finished watching an Ultimate Warrior DVD threw out a challenge which was accepted by Matt Morgan.  Brian got the nice surprise victory and left Morgan whining in the ring, again no help from Fortune.

Those are some of the highlights, again I was disappointed in how the main event was set up, that being said both men put on a great match and should not get the blame for TNA not knowing how to run a television show.  For those who remember the old NWA/WCW used to run those “cliffhanger” episodes where they would cut the match off hoping you would watch “next time”.  You cannot assume the audience will follow you. That however is just my opinion if you have yours let me know until next time, thank you and let’s watch.