Matt Hardy Responds To Paul London, Threatens Legal Action

A fan asked Matt Hardy on Twitter about the YouTube video where Paul London mocked Hardy. Here’s what Hardy said:

“It’s a video he put up then took down, probably wasn’t a good idea to put it up AT ALL.”

“Did anyone save or copy a recent video of one Mr. London apparently “slandering” my name? My lawyer is very interested in seeing it-thx”




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  • K Law

    Nice bitch move Hardy

  • themike

    what would u sue paul london for? the only money that boy would have is a few shiney pennies, turned sideways, stuck up his ass.

  • Jacob

    God Matt is such a whiney lil bitch everything Paul said was spot on to his character

  • outsidergold

    matts a little bitch about everything , why doesnt he shut up and do his job.. which is.. TO JOB!

  • PowerUp 5000

    Hey Matt, get ur Lawyer 2 get u a new Job because WWE is blackBalling u dummy and use the money 2 get in shape and grow some Balls and quit actin like a lil chick on her Period !!! No woner LITA was sleeping with Edge 2 Women don’t get along

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