Latest on Team 3D’s Future with TNA, New Team Put On Hold

– As noted before, Team 3D has agreed to work TNA shows on September 23rd, 24th and 25th in the Northeast. The team currently has not re-signed with TNA but are expected to any time now. It’s believed that the Ray vs. Devon feud that stopped before Hardcore Justice will resume.

– The Brutus Magnus and Desmond Wolfe tag team has been put on hold for now and there’s no word yet on when they will return. Wolfe was at the iMPACT tapings this past week but was not used and there’s not a lot of talk going around as to why he’s not being used. Magnus was not brought in for the tapings and has been at home in the UK.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • K Law

    How much brainpower does it take to sign some damn contracts? It would also be pointless to have Ray and Devon resume a feud that ended suddenly due to them reforming Team 3D. They are a hardcore tag team and that’s how they should stay. I can’t picture either one having a great singles career. Both tried in WWE and failed.

    And Wolfe is being wasted. Makes no sense not to have a great wrestler like him not being used.

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