Plans for SmackDown’s SyFy Debut, Miz vs. Orton Feud, Naomi News

– People within WWE are referring to NXT Rookie Naomi Night as a “female Shelton Benjamin.” This is being said about her in a good way as Shelton was respected for being one of the most athletic stars on the roster for a long time.

– WWE officials were talking this past week about building a The Miz vs. Randy Orton feud for the end of this year.

– Two matches discussed for WWE’s SmackDown debut on SyFy in a few weeks could see the WWE Champion and Intercontinental Champion vs. the World Champion and the United States Champion in a RAW vs. SmackDown main event. Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio also may take place.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • K Law

    Orton vs. Miz sounds cool! Miz should definitely be WWE Champion when that happens. Pointless of him holding the US title yet never defends it and if Shelton was that good, why did they release him?

  • Jeremiah

    If they go with the Orton Miz feud then Orton should win Miz’s Money in the Bank. Miz doesnt deserve being champion.

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