NXT 3 Update, Michael Cole Angle Last Night

– The big angle on the show was Michael Cole walking out as NXT’s lead announcer, leaving NXT Season 3 without an announcer for the final two episodes airing on Syfy. Cole cut a promo on the NXT concept, then walked off as the show went off the air.

– Immunity from the first elimination will be “earned” by having the most “competition points” after the first four episodes. The current point totals are Naomi 2, Kaitlyn 1, and Jamie 1.




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  • www.sandstorm7.podomatic.com

    WWE and Michael Cole? YAWN!!!!!



  • joeisrael

    if only he could do that on raw too or atleast have Daniel Bryan put him in the LeBelle Lock

  • paul g

    yea shits getn weaker and weaker

  • themike

    Michael Cole want to throw a fit about NXT being lame. This is coming from a guy who was dancing like a dork last week on the show.


    To quote Stone Cold Steve Austin,Michael Cole is A Little Mealy Mouthed Bastard! A Waist Of Sperm!

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