Latest on Talk for the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony in Atlanta

– Nothing is set in stone yet for the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Atlanta. Since it is being held in Atlanta, obvious pushes are former WCW stars Ron Simmons and Arn Anderson. WWE is also open to Lex Luger and Sting being inducted, if Sting doesn’t sign with TNA for another year.

There has been talk of putting Arn Anderson in the Hall with a Four Horsemen group consisting of Barry Windham and Tully Blanchard.

Jim Ross has been pushing for Danny Hodge to be inducted as well.

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  • K Law

    Those are some great names! Arn Anderson should had been inducted a long time ago as well as Ron Simmons. Dean Malenko is another great wrestler that should be inducted as well as Diamond Dallas Page!

    Anybody that says Goldberg should be inducted is a fucking retard! I know what he has accomplish but its too soon and he shouldn’t skip over those who deserve to be in the hall of fame more…

  • j

    Id soon enough put Gillberg in before Goldberg lol…
    All jokes aside now, Arn Anderson should have gone in with Ric Flair.. PERIOD..
    Ron Simmons is a credible addition if it happens.
    The one name which keeps being brought up by other fans around the wrestling world is RANDY SAVAGE. It has to happen soon.
    Other notable names IMO..
    – Dean Malenko
    – The Freebirds
    – The Steiner Brothers
    – Gene & Ole Anderson
    – Great Muta
    – Brian Pillman
    – Barry Windham
    – Tully Blanchard

    Did I miss anyone? Opinions?

    Point is there are heaps of names who could go in, its a matter of whether they should.

  • Alex

    sting lex steiners and arn, simmons what a group!

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