GCF Impact Raw – September 15, 2010

Hello again, welcome to the world of GCF. Thanks for all the emails; if you want to email me, my address is [email protected]. Remember that Domination is in two weeks, and to make sure to check that out. I want to get rolling right away today, so let’s get started!

The Impact Raw opening video has ended and we get a live view of the crowd here in Greenville, South Carolina. The Bi-Lo Center is sold out and the fans are ready for Impact Raw! “Welcome to Impact Raw Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Michael Cole and this is my partner Tazz. We are live here in the Bi-Lo Center, and the fans are ready for some GCF action. Tonight we will find out the first two members of the Ultimate X triple threat match at Domination, we also will hear from Edge about what happened last week.”  “It is definitely going to be a great night here in GCF, Cole, and I am so pumped up for tonight.”  “Well Tazz, right now is the first X Division Match between Dolph Ziggler and Amazing Red!” I am Perfection!

X Division Tournament Semi Finals
Dolph Ziggler vs. Amazing Red

Ziggler comes out to a mixed reaction. Last time Ziggler came to the ring, he was cheered, so things seem to be going back to normal. Ziggler slides into the ring, and prepares himself for the athletic Red. Amazing Red enters to a huge pop from the crowd. The fans love the risk taking Red. Red hops into the ring and stares down Ziggler. The bell rings and both men slowly walk towards each other. Red signals for a lock up, and Ziggler looks like he is going to, but Ziggler instead kicks Red in the gut. Ziggler backs up and kicks Red right in the head! Ziggler covers Red, One, kick out at one. Ziggler quickly stands and stomps on Red some more, before hooking the arm up with an arm lock. Ziggler puts all the pressure on the arm and shoulder. Red uses his legs to try to reach for the ropes, but Ziggler pulls him away. Ziggler keeps the hold in tight, while Red continues to try squirm out of it. Red uses his free arm to begin punching Ziggler. Red also knees Ziggler’s back, causing Dolph to release the hold. Both men stand, and Red jumps at Ziggler, dropkicking him. Dolph falls down, but hops right back up to his feet. Red runs back at Dolph and hurracarranas Ziggler face first on to the mat. Ziggler holds his nose and lies on the mat, while Red heads to the top rope. Ziggler stands up, and Red jumps at Ziggler. Red grabs Ziggler neck and spins him down for a jumping tornado DDT! Red hops on top of Ziggler for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two! Red stands and stalks Ziggler to stand. When Ziggler stands, Red jumps on Ziggler, setting up for a Code Red, but Ziggler grabs Reds legs and reverses by slamming him down for a modified Alabama Slam! Red is stunned on the floor as Ziggler regains himself. Red gets to his feet, but has his back to Ziggler. Ziggler leaps up and Zig Zags Red! Ziggler gets the cover, One, Two, Three!

Winner- Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler wins and is going to Domination! Ziggler celebrates in the ring while Red rolls out of the ring. “Dolph Ziggler is going to be in that Ultimate X match Tazz!”  “Oh yeah Cole, Dolph Ziggler has advanced to the finals!”  Ziggler pumps his fist in the air because he is so pumped up about his win. Ziggler exits the arena with his hands held up. “Tazz, Dolph is really pumped up about this win.”  “Why wouldn’t he Cole? He now has a shot to be the first X-Division Champion in GCF history. I would be pumped up to!” We go to the back where we see Todd Grisham.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Eric Bischoff. Eric, last week, we saw you and Jeff Jarrett decide that at Domination, there will be a fatal four way match to decide who will be the next number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Have you decided the men who will compete in that fatal four way match?”  “Todd, after much consideration we have decided on the four competitors, and I will announce them right now. The first person that will be in that match will be Kurt Angle. After the very close ending to the cage match between Kurt and Joe, we thought that Kurt deserved another chance to become a Number One Contender. The second man is none other than the winner of Season One of NXT, Wade Barrett. Wade really impressed me when he took out Randy Orton. He really made a statement in my opinion and he deserves to be in that match. Third is the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. Sheamus has been running around saying that he is a dominant superstar here in GCF. What better way to back that up by being in the number one contenders match at Domination. Finally, the last man in the match is AJ Styles. Styles already pinned Samoa Joe, which has already given him enough momentum to be in this match.”  Eric begins to walk away, but Todd stops him and says, “Mr. Bischoff, that match sounds amazing, but what about your match with Jeff Jarrett? The winner becomes the official general manager of Impact Raw?”  “Let me just say this Todd, after Domination, you’re still going to see Eric Bischoff calling the shots.” Eric walks away and Todd doesn’t stop him this time. We go back to the commentary table. “Did you hear that Cole? Sheamus vs. AJ Styles vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kurt Angle! That is going to be a great match; all of those men deserve to be number one contenders. Plus, you got that Bischoff vs. Jarrett match that is sure to be interesting. I am so pumped for Domination!”  “I’m right there with you Tazz, Domination is going to be great!”  “Yes it is Cole, and right now, we get to see one of the participants in the fatal four way, Wade Barrett, take on Kung Fu Naki.

Wade Barrett vs. Kung Fu Naki

Barrett makes his entrance to very loud boos from the crowd. Barrett has a smile on his face after being named a participant in the fatal four way match at Domination. Wade Barrett walks up the stairs and enters the ring with a confident look on his face. Kung Fu Naki enters to a very quiet crowd. Fu Naki high fives some of the fans, looking for an upset win over Barrett. Fu Naki slides into the ring and the bell rings. Fu Naki runs at Barrett to start, but Wade puts his foot up and boots Fu Naki right in the face. Barrett quickly picks Naki up and yells at Naki, before upper cutting Naki. The uppercut pushes Naki right into the ropes. Naki bounces off the ropes and Barrett catches him. Barrett puts Naki in a fireman carry position before slamming him down for The Wasteland. Barrett has a pin, One, Two, and Three

Winner-Wade Barrett

“Michael, Wade Barrett just destroyed Fu Naki. I mean, I know Fu Naki hasn’t been around in a while, but still. Barrett looks very strong heading into Domination. I think Wade has looked very impressive since debuting here in GCF, and he definitely deserves to be in this Fatal Four Way match.”  “Wade Barrett is an example of a real breakout star, Tazz, and we have plenty of potential breakout stars here on Impact Raw, including this man, Tyler Black.” Replays are shown of last week, when Black upset the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry.  “Yeah Cole, Tyler has a bright future ahead of him, and he has asked for some time and the co-gm’s have granted it to him.” Black music had already hit and he is just now entering the ring with a mic in hand.
“It seems like just yesterday that I had finally gotten my big break by signing with the WWE. Before I could even report to developmental, GCF was formed. I was a lucky one. I was already expecting a brand new environment, so it didn’t really make a very big difference, except for one thing. Here, I can prove that I am can run with the best of them.  Last week, I proved that by defying the odds and defeating Mark Henry. That is only the beginning. The era of Tyler Black has begun. I will work as hard as I can to gain the respect of the superstars in the back, GCF management, and of course, the GCF fans. I will defeat who ever steps in my way, and I will……” Mark Henry walks down the ramp to his music, and he looks very angry. Henry gets into the ring and grabs a microphone. Black says, “Mark, why are you out here? Are you gonna come out here to say that my win was a fluke? To say that it won’t happen again? You really can’t say anything that will change the fact that last week, I beat you.”  “Listen to me Tyler. What happened last week will NEVER happen again. I’m going to prove it. Not by challenging you to another match, but by doing this!” Henry clotheslines Black out of no where, and stomps down on Black. Henry stomps on the head of Black before picking him up and putting him in the Worlds Strongest Slam position. Just when Henry is about slam Black down, Black slides out of Henrys grip and kicks Henry’s knee. Henry goes down to one knee and Black delivers a Grounded Superkick to Henry! Black rolls out of the ring and smiles up the ramp. Henry holds his jaw, and pounds his fists around the ring in anger. Black exits the arena, while HenrHeHenry angrily kicks around the steel steps.
“It looks like Tyler Black had the last laugh, Tazz. Henry tried attacking blindsiding Black, but Black turns it into a grounded Superkick, leaving Henry on his back.”  “Yeah Cole, but I still think that the Worlds Strongest Man will bounce back some way.” 

X Division Tournament Semi Finals
Homicide vs. Evan Bourne

Homicide enters to a loud hatred from the fans. Homicide quickly gets into the ring and yells nasty remarks at the commentators and the fans. Evan Bourne’s music hits and the fans go crazy. Bourne runs down the ramp and leaps into the ring. Bourne gets into his corner and the bell rings. Both men walk towards each other, and Homicide says a few select words to Bourne. Before Homicide can say anything else, Bourne kicks Homicide on the side of Homicides leg. Bourne continues kicking Homicide, before jumping up and spin kicking Homicide on the side of the head. Homicide stays standing, before falling flat on his face. Homicide looks like he is out cold, and Bourne covers, One, Two, Homicide throws his arm up before the three count. Bourne quickly stands and already heads up to the top rope. Bourne gets to the top rope, but when he does, Homicide stands and punches Bourne. Homicide goes to the second rope, and hooks Bourne up for a superplex, and Homicide does it! Homicide crawls over to the cover, One, Two, kick out at two. Homicide grabs the ropes to help him stand. And when he does, he pulls Bourne to the middle of the ring. Homicide tries to hook up his modified STF, but Bourne fights out of it and wraps his legs around Homicides neck. Bourne hurracarranas Homicide, causing Homicide to go through the ropes, on to the arena floor. Bourne recovers and heads to the top turnbuckle again while Homicide recovers on the out side. Bourne stands on the top turnbuckle, and Homicide stands on the outside. Bourne jumps and delivers his patented Shooting Star Press to the standing Homicide on the outside of the ring! Both men lie on the outside, and replays are shown on the titantron. The fans go crazy at the amazing move they just saw from Bourne. Evan Bourne stands and tosses Homicide into the ring. Bourne slides into the ring and goes for a pin on Homicide, One, Two, No! Homicide somehow kicks out! Bourne can’t believe it, but he fights on and for the third time in the match, heads to the top turnbuckle. Bourne stands on the top turnbuckle, and jumps for the Air Bourne, but Bourne lands right on Homicides knees! Homicide quickly stands while Bourne stands stunned holding his gut. Homicide executes a Gringo Cutter! Homicide falls on top of Bourne for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two by Bourne! Homicide really cannot believe it, but he doesn’t give up yet. Homicide flips Bourne around, and locks in the Modified STF! Bourne tries to escape, but Homicide has locked it in! Bourne squirms around the ring, and reaches is arm at the ropes, but he is two far away. Bourne starts to roll around, and homicide has a confused look on his face. Bourne rolls with enough power to flip himself and Homicide over, which results in Bourne having a pin, but Homicide still has the hold locked in! The ref counts, One, Two, Homicide releases the hold in time to kick out! Homicide pushes Bourne off of him, and Homicide notices that Bourne is completely passed out from the hold. Homicide smiles and laughs, and then picks up Bourne. Homicide hooks Bourne’s arms and positions him for Da Gringo Killa. Homicide smiles one last time, before dropping Bourne right on his head for Da Gringo Killa. Homicide pins Bourne, One, Two, and Three!

Winner- Homicide!!

“Homicide is going to Domination, Tazz! Evan Bourne managed to flip Homicide over and get a pin, but Homicide kicked out. During the pin by Bourne though, Homicide managed to choke him out. From there, Homicide just finished Bourne off with Da Gringo Killa, and now Homicide will get a shot at the X Division Championship!”  “Cole that match was great, and the ending was awesome. Bourne was able to stay conscious for a while even with that Modified STF locked in, but eventually, he was choked out.”  “So that means so far we know it will be Dolph Ziggler and Homicide going at it in the Ultimate X match, and next week we will find out if it will be Kaval or Rey Mysterio joining them.”  Homicide has already left the arena, and Bourne just woke up and realizes what has happened. Bourne heads to the back with a disappointed look on his face, and we head to the back.
We see The Rated R Superstar pacing outside of a locker room. The camera zooms in on the locker room and it shows the locker room belongs to Samoa Joe. Edge talks to himself, before knocking on the door. The door opens and Joe steps out. Joe doesn’t say anything, so Edge speaks first. “Listen Joe, all week, people have been saying, Edge why did you help Joe? The answer is simple. This is the first ever World Heavyweight Championship match in GCF. I don’t want that match to be remembered as the one that Edge stole from Joe. I want you to be 100%, so we can have the amazing match that I know we are capable of.”  Joe looks down and stares at the ground for a minute before lifting his head and saying, “I appreciate that Edge. After our match at Domination, I am going to KILL Kurt Angle, and Sheamus is next.”  “Well Joe, I have a little surprise for you. I just talked to Jarrett, and he said next week, it’s you, me, and AJ against Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and Kurt Angle.”  Joe smiles and Edge continues, “And tonight, I want you to be at ringside when I face Sheamus tonight, and if Angle comes by, do your worst.”  Joe smiles again and nods, then slams the door shut and Edge walks away.
“Man Cole, Edge and Joe seem to have a little alliance going on against Sheamus and Kurt Angle, but Edge and Joe should be focusing on their World Heavyweight Title match in two weeks!”  “I disagree Tazz, Sheamus and Angle have been a thorn in everyone’s side, and who else would have fighting for GCF than two of the greatest in Samoa Joe and Edge?”

Carlito vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Carlito enters and mocks all the fans while walking down the ramp. Carlito smugly slides into the ring. Kozlov enters and some of the fans cheer at him. Kozlov laughs at Carlito down the ramp, and when Vladimir gets in the ring, he laughs a little more before getting serious. The bell rings and right away Vladimir charges at Carlito, but Carlito dodges and Kozlov ends up in the corner. Carlito takes advantage and kicks and punches Kozlov, until Kozlov pushes Carlito away and then boots Carlito right in the face! Kozlov stomps over to Carlito and grabs his afro. Kozlov pulls Carlito up and puts him in Battering Ram position. Kozlov head butts Carlito several times before throwing Carlito down. Kozlov goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out by Carlito. Kozlov stands and jerks Carlito up as well. Vladimir lifts Carlito up, and slams him down right on Kozlov’s knee for a painful backbreaker.  Kozlov again goes for the pin, One, Two, kick out at two.  Kozlov stands and pounds his fists on the mat waiting for Carlito to stand. Carlito takes a while to stand because he had to use the ropes. When Carlito does stand, Kozlov Irish Whips Carlito into the ropes, and when Carlito comes back, Kozlov sticks his head out and viciously head butts Carlito. Kozlov smiles and covers Carlito, One, Two, another kick out by Carlito. The fans boo at Carlito while Kozlov shouts something in Russian to the referee. Kozlov shouts in broken English that he is ready to end this match, and again stalks Carlito. It takes Carlito a lot longer to stand, and when he does, Kozlov goes for the Iron Curtain (Kneeling leg trap chokeslam). Kozlov lifts Carlito up for it, but Carlito reverses it by dropping behind Kozlov. Carlito hops up and executes a Backstabber out of no where! Carlito crawls for a cover, One, Two, and Three!!


“What happened Cole, I blinked?”  “Carlito hit is finishing maneuver the Backstabber out of no where! What an amazing comeback by Carlito, he was beaten on all match, and then just wins out of the blue!” Carlito smiles and shoves Kozlov out of the ring, and grabs a mic. “A few weeks ago, I said that I was way too valuable to be wasting my time being in little tag team matches, and worthless matches. In two weeks, the first GCF pay per view, Domination, will be taking place. I currently do not have a match scheduled, so right now, I am issuing an open challenge to any superstar in the back. If you feel like you need to make a statement, come out and try me. At Domination, I will be the star, just like I am destined to be.” Carlito spikes the mic down to the ground and storms out of the arena.  “Tazz I guess this means that at Domination, Carlito will be holding an Open Challenge. I’m excited to see who is planning on accepting that challenge, it could be anybody!”  “Yeah Cole, that should be interesting to say the least.”  “It looks like it’s that time, Tazz. Right now, we get the treat of seeing a pay per view quality match, because Edge and Sheamus will go head to head, right now.” You think you know me!

Edge w/ Samoa Joe vs. Sheamus

Edge enters the loudest reception of the night. It seems like there are a lot of Edge heads here in Greenville! Edge slides into the ring like only he can do. Joe makes a separate entrance and gets the same amazing reception that Edge got! Joe stays outside of the ring and he and Edge engage in an intense stare down. The music of Sheamus hits and the Irish Born superstar enters to a very loud bad reaction from the crowd. The fans obviously don’t like Sheamus and they aren’t hiding it. Sheamus slowly crawls through the ropes into the ring, staring Joe down the entire time. Joe has a nasty snarl on his face, and he is staring right back at Sheamus. Edge also stares down Sheamus, and Sheamus shoots a look right back at him. Sheamus cautiously looks back and forth between Edge and Joe, but focuses all of his attention on Edge when the bell rings. Sheamus and Edge stand in their corner for a little longer, but both men slowly walk to the middle of the middle of the ring. Edge and Sheamus go nose to nose, yelling insults at each other. Sheamus slaps Edge across the face, causing Edge to back up a few steps. Edge smiles, and punches Sheamus back. Edge punches him several times and that backs Sheamus into the ropes. Edge tries for an Irish whip, but Sheamus reverses and Irish whips Edge instead. Edge bounces back and forearms Sheamus. Sheamus stays on his feet, so Edge kicks him in the gut, and locks in a standing head lock on Sheamus. Sheamus pounds Edges back until Edge is forced to release the head lock. Sheamus backs up and savagely clotheslines Edge down! Sheamus points at Joe, which really makes Joe angry. Sheamus covers Edge, One, kick out at one. Sheamus grabs Edge’s hair and tosses him through the ropes to the outside. Sheamus stays in the ring and taunts, while Joe looks on. Sheamus takes his time getting to the outside of the ring, and when he does, Edge is just getting to his feet. Sheamus laughs and kicks Edge in the leg. Edge goes to one knee, so Sheamus grabs Edge’s head and throws him face first into the barricade! The fans boo louder than they ever have before. Sheamus kicks Edge some more before tossing Edge back into the ring. Sheamus hops in the ring himself, and goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two by Edge. Sheamus angrily gets to his feet, and waits for Edge to stand. When Edge does stand, Sheamus hooks Edge up and performs a perfect Irish Curse. Edge holds his back in pain, and Sheamus goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two again by Edge. Sheamus screams, and insults Edge, Joe, and the crowd. Sheamus backs up into his corner, and gets ready to execute his famous Brogue Kick. Edge uses the turnbuckle to stand, and when Edge does get to his feet; Sheamus runs full speed at Edge. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Joe pulls Edge to the outside of the ring just in time, and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on the referee! The ref falls to his back, and rolls to the outside. Sheamus yells at Joe, but right then, Kurt Angles music hits and he sprints down to the ring. Joe runs right at him and the two men collide with Joe getting the upper hand. Joe throws punches all over Angle! Angle begs for Joe to get off him, but Joe will not get off! Sheamus runs over to Angle to try to help him, but Joe just jumps off Angle and hops on Sheamus. Sheamus tries to block, but Joe is going crazy! Joe tosses Sheamus back in the ring, and quickly slides in himself. Joe whips Sheamus into the corner, and sets him up for the Muscle Buster! Joe has Sheamus up, and drops down for the Muscle Buster! Right after the big move, Joe slides back out of the ring, but is greeted by Wade Barrett?! Barrett boots Joe right in the face, and Joe falls right down. Barrett mauls Joe with punches and kicks, and shortly after, Kurt Angle stands and joins in the attack. Get ready to fly, I am, I am! AJ Styles runs down the ramp and jumps at Kurt and Wade. AJ lands on both of them, and turns the tables by attacking Wade. Joe and Angle are brawling again and the fight is moving all over the outside! You can also see that Sheamus has crawled to the outside and has grabbed a chair. Sheamus slides into the ring, and pounds his chair down waiting for Edge to stand. Edge uses the ropes to stand, and Sheamus gets ready to strike, but from behind, AJ turns Sheamus around and Pele kicks the chair right into Sheamus’s face! Sheamus is stunned and drops the chair, giving Edge the perfect chance to run at Sheamus and hit a Spear! Edge covers and the referee is coming to, One…….Two……..Three!!!!


“Edge wins Tazz! Edge wins! Edge wins out of no where with the spear!”  “What a win for Edge, Cole! He looks great going into Domination, and speaking of Domination, it’s in two weeks, and I am pumped!”  “We are out of time Tazz; make sure you are here next week!” The final image is of Edge watching AJ, Wade, Joe, and Angle brawl on the outside of the ring, with a smile on his face, while Sheamus lies dazed on the mat.




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