Former WWE Wrestler Blasts Matt Hardy

Former WWE wrestler Paul London had the following to say about Matt Hardy in a recent shoot interview:

Matt Hardy, he’s definitely one of those guys who’s very phony to his fanbase. I think he tells them what he thinks they want to hear so they continue to kiss his ass. But he’s very much one of those guys who won’t even take his sunglasses off to talk to somebody, like if he ran into a fan at an airport or something like that. It’s disgusting. When the camera’s on you and people are watching, of course they’re going to be fan friendly and ‘I love my fans! Hey!’ and all that stuff. But when it gets down to it, they couldn’t be nastier about their fans and talk nastier about their fans. And it’s not just that goof, but most of those guys.”




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  • Grandmaster Sexay Jr

    Paul London makes a lot of sense.

  • themike

    If what Paul London said is true, Matt Hardy should get whooped in every match. Dont be two-faced.

  • outsidergold

    paul london doesn’t have any fans..

    and matt hardy sucks.

  • ThaKing

    this doming from paul london who was a pile of bird shit in the nest trying to cause he is trying but he can’t succeed cause he was a failure that’s why wwe released his shit ass who even still remembers him it’s been three years since he actually got noticed he is probably wrestling in a no where place.

  • Paul London can suck my ass

    Bloody mother fucker London,hardy is a great wrestler may be better in tag team deperment.but still,one need to respect other.

  • Ismaelibanez21

    Wow Pual London is such an *ASS*

  • j

    Whos Paul London? I dont remember him. Which goes without saying thats why he dont work for them anymore. Because hes so unmemorable..

  • Lou

    Paul London is the guy who laughed right before Vince’s limo blew up a few years ago on RAW and was pretty much fired for it. BTW, who didn’t laugh at that goofy crap?

  • PowerUp 5000

    Who cares ? London sucks and Matt Hardy is always in his Drug head brothers shadow

  • Al nino

    Well if paul say’s that hardy is doublefaced to the fans than why would he tell the fans about his dissappointments in wwe, by the way that was a bad publicity stunt so paul next time speak carefully.

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