The Pope Posts a Video Mocking Hulk Hogan

– “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero posted a pseudo shoot video on his Twitter account parodying the video Hulk Hogan posted online last week from his hospital bed.

“The doctors have been pumping me all full of crap, much like I have been TNA,” Dinero said while impersonating “The Hulkster.”




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  • joban

    This is just really effing anoying if you ask me

  • Que Fabuloso

    Well there goes Pope from TNA. Hogans ass gonna fire him for speakin the truth

  • Alex

    that may very well be the worst hulk hogan impression i’ve ever heard… but also the greatest hulk hogan impression i’ve ever heard…

  • K Law

    Its all worked to get Pope involved in the angle with Nash, Sting, Jarrett, Joe, and Hogan. TNA would be down right fucking retarded to fire The Pope. The Pope is TNA’s future and perhaps, wrestling’s future if WWE brings him back after his days in TNA are done…

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