Mickie Not Fond of Batista, Jim Neidhart Arrest Update

– According to the official website of the Hillsborough County Sheriff, former WWE performer Jim Neidhart remains incarcerated as he has yet to make $138,5000 bail on the charges filed against him Labor Day weekend in Tampa, Florida.

The father of WWE performer Natalya was found in possession of 55.6 grams of Oxycontin and 17.4 grams of methadone at a Tampa area gas station on Sept. 5. He was charged with two counts of possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute, two counts of trafficking illegal drugs, one count of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, and one count of third degree grand theft for property stolen between $300 and $5,000.

– On Twitter, a fan suggested to former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James that she and former WWE performer Batista would “make a cute couple.” The fan added, “he’s a good guy. don’t judge anyone cause no one knows what’s going to happen in the future.” James said in response that she would rather run head first into a brick wall.

“I think I’d much rather run head 1st in2 a brick wall… Without judgment… Lmao!” she tweeted.

Regarding the former WWE Diva’s source of contention with “The Animal,” it was reported shortly after her departure from WWE earlier this year that she had a few backstage “run-ins” with him during her final few months in the company. Things become so heated that he reportedly threatened to quit the organization if she wasn’t terminated. The Undertaker attempted to fuse the situation by calming him down.

Additionally, former WWE performer Brian Kendrick noted during a recent shoot interview with Highspots that years ago, Batista printed out nude photos of Mickie and plastered them on the locker room walls after he became agitated with her.

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  • Jizz

    batista, youre a bitch. Thanks to your punk ass mickie is gone. Hope u tap like a bitch when someone locks you in a knee bar.

  • Hulkado

    Ya i got to agree, that was kinda dumb by bastista to do that but not as dumb as the guy who was claiming he was going to bomb wwe headquarters if they weren’t going to bring mickie james back.

  • Kurt

    Good point jizz.

  • mikkie is a bitch

    why is everyone so quick to blam batista ever wonder why he did that oh ya maybe she was a bitch backstage and who gives a fuck about her anyways she sucked i dont know how she was compaired to trish or lita the best thing to happen to wwe and next hopefully a time off from cena


    In Response to wat mikkie is a bitch wrote i highly disagree . Mickie James was not a horrible competitor,however she wasn t A Trish Stratus or Lita. She Was Mickie James! OK! Batista may or may have not have been the instigator in their desputes.We Don t Know We Weren t There! But at the same time it was fucked up wat Batista did by postin da photos of her in the locker room. that whether you like it or not was violation! and also whether you like it or not your Batista Was Wrong! And As For your comment on Cena,you really need to stop hating! Bitch!

  • K Law

    Batista is known for being an ass to women. Before he and Melina started dating, they had a backstage incident that got her in the doghouse. But truth is, none of us really knows what happen between Batista and Mickie James so its pretty fucking stupid and lame to believe some internet report.

  • ray

    batista-is another lesnar,a whole lot of mouth, took my kids to an autograph signing batista,the jerk was there was very disconnected to the fans who paid too see him just sat there in his wife-beater, wishing he was some-where else.glad that dirt-bag is gone much rather see Ric Flair.Micki James is alot HOTTER & TALENTED than all those TOTALLY PLASTIC BOXED COLORED BIMBOS that wwe,has too offer to-day, in short ALL ASS NO CLASS ( remove make-up and they be VERY UGLY.as for JOHN CENA CLASS-ACT met Cena @ an autograph session.I was keeping it real ,paid for the item Cena signed my sons item , my son wanted some-thing else signed the event staff said it would cost more, Cena signed the C-D regardless,Cena then looked at me and said “LIKE THAT , KEEP IT REAL DAD” so knock JOHN CENA all you want . My family met one of the best entertainers around. MICKI JAMES YOU ARE HOT and very talented,cant wait to hear your MUSIC.

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