Matt Hardy’s “Stooging Punk” Reference, Heat from Michael Hayes

– WWE officials are aware of Matt Hardy’s recent video blog on the reports of him being sent home and are not happy about it. You may have seen in the video where Hardy blamed a “stooging punk” for the news being leaked on the internet. Sources believe that Hardy’s “stooging punk” comment was directed at CM Punk, who he does not get along with.

One of the main people who have been riding Hardy about his physique as of late is SmackDown writer Michael Hayes.

As noted before, Hardy was not at SmackDown earlier this afternoon and WWE has confirmed that he was sent home from two recent shows.

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  • Lou

    Am I the only one entirely sick of the Hardys?

  • j

    Nope your not.

  • S.E.S HiTlER

    i sure as hell am…

  • Kurt

    I was going to say that dixie and tna would reunite the hardy.s and then you would really get sick of them~but at second thought after the 90 day no compete is up jeff will probably be in jail. I thought he went back to court last week. How come we didn.t get an update to that?

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