Matt Hardy Comments on Recent Reports, Says It’s Decision Time

– Matt Hardy, who previously denied reports he had been sent home by WWE, wrote the following on his Twitter tonight. As noted earlier, Hardy is not at SmackDown and is on “thin ice” with the company. He wrote:

“Here’s a quick hello to all my people & a reassurance to everyone that I’m fine, healthy, & in good spirits. Thx for all of your support. When the time is right, I’ll put everything out there as far as what “really” went down. I know I have to protect me & my brand, & I will. I appreciate my fans so much that I’ll always be honest with them, & the whole story certainly isn’t out there now. I appreciate all of the things the WWE has done 4 me in the past, they have been gracious to me-but now, it’s decision time for me. Thx all.”

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  • ThaKing

    i think he should have decided to write that later in the future

  • K Law

    And Matt was all spirits about how 2010 would be his year… Oh well… Too bad, so sad. Won’t hurt WWE if he leaves or they fired him. They have other wrestlers more talented then him. At least this way, we can stop seeing Drew vs. Matt Hardy for the 100th time.

  • bert

    mat hardy should join jeff AT T. N .A

  • Julie

    You knw what?? Matt has done alot for WWE and they would be stupid to get rid of Matt. If that’s the case then they need to get rid of the other ones too. Matt has a big fan base and is respected in the WWE. He has never had a problem in or with the WWE.

  • j

    Its time for Matt Hardy to put up or shut up in this case..
    Either take ya ball and go home or shut the hell up about being where your careers at..
    That simple.

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