WWE Being Sued By French Company Over Counterfeit Merchandise

The Republican American website is reporting that WWE is being sued for $21.6 million by a French company that claims clothing which was sold was not counterfeit WWE merchandise as WWE has claimed. The story opens with: “A French company is suing U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s wrestling company for the equivalent of $21.6 million.”

The story notes that WWE has alleged that a Portuguese company violated a licensing agreement when they sold WWE branded clothing to the French company in question.

The European-based company is alleging that WWE made false claims they were selling counterfeit WWE apparel in supermarkets across France.




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  • Jizz

    well, out of all the countries i hate it would be france. ( i only hate them)

  • Angelo

    Well, if this makes sure Linda doesn’t win any elections or whatever, it’s all fine by me.

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