How Did WWE’s Legendary Do This Weekend?

– WWE’s new movie Legendary did disastrous at the box office this weekend, with a $764 per screen average for the weekend and in only 177 screens for a $135,000 first weekend.

The theatrical release was small by design and it was designed for all the money to be made back in DVD, where previous John Cena movies have done well.




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    I KNEW it that movie would be a flop.because cena was in that movie.

  • Jizz

    The miz was right about one thing, his movies dont last long to be seen

  • Hulkado

    It would be hilarious if cena tonight doesn’t even mention how his movie did.

  • Tony Whiting

    I didnt like Cena nor will like the cocky guy! He sucks and I knew his movie wouldnt do so well! AND Hes finally getting bullied! Hope the Nexus kicks his butt again or even Repeatedly over and over!! *L*

  • themike

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!(edit that mofo’s)

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