Ezekiel Jackson Returns to RAW in a Dark Match

– Ezekiel Jackson worked a dark match prior to tonight’s WWE Superstars and RAW taping from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jackson beat Zack Ryder after hitting his finisher.

Jackson has been out for five months after tearing his right quadriceps muscle during a match against Kane at a WWE house show in Glasgow, Scotland on April 10th, 2010.

He is a member of the RAW roster and obviously worked the dark match so WWE officials could get a look at him as he is ahead of schedule regarding his return to the ring.

*HUGE* Backstage WWE Championship News…..




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  • joemoefoe

    who cares about ezzekiel jackson? hes so lame, damn haha

  • K Law

    The guy’s a powerhouse! Can’t wait to see him debut on RAW!

  • Kryptonite

    yeah hes a powerhouse…thats it, just like kozlov,but atleast kozlov has some personality. butyeah jacksons really mediocre when it comes to being “entertaining” he was suposd to be on smackdown anyway wtf.

  • Kurt

    E.Jackson has potential to be great. So does Zach Rider. I wish they would quit jobbing him. You know it!

  • Big Zeke


  • Kryptonite

    Yes,K Law,i will not only show my penis but also will fuck u in the nose! Hey,we are S.E.S gays,so we can fuck each other in noses,ears etc

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