Stip for Flair vs. Foley, Dixie Reveals When Change Begins, More

– Mick Foley confirmed on Twitter that his match with Ric Flair on the October 7th live iMPACT will be a Last Man Standing match. Foley and Flair taped an in-ring segment for the September 30th iMPACT and Foley said the following about it on Twitter: “Quote me on this – ‘Tonight’s promo with Ric Flair (air date 9/30) was one of the greatest moments of my career.'”

– Dixie Carter appeared on TNA’s online Bound For Glory kickoff show last night and said that the big change she has been teasing on Twitter will be revealed during the live iMPACT on October 7th. Dixie stressed that it’s not a surprise but it is a change. She said after October 7th, there will be more change to come. Dixie was asked what she would do if she had an unlimited budget and she said she would do the same thing she’s planning for October 7th but bigger.

Dixie also said that she received a call this week about a wrestler TNA wanted “two years ago” who might be interested in joining the company now. Dixie said they basically turned the wrestler down and she doesn’t think TNA needs him right now.

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  • outsidergold

    tna is pure hype.. in other words.. all talk, no walk… “the promo was one of the moments”??? typical of tna workers saying stuff like that for the hype and try n get viewers.. then when you watch, you’re like.. umm.. okay… whatever!

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  • ThaKing

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    lmfao at the hogan comment, GO SPINE SNAPPERS!

  • Brian

    shane mcmahon is the new senior adviser when “they”
    get there

  • erik

    I hope they have dlo brown hit hogan with his sky high and terry taylor hit a spinning neckbreaker on hogan and jarett slaps on figure four around ring post so old hasbeen is forced to retired.

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