GCF Impact Raw – September 8, 2010

Hello GCF fans, thanks for reading. I am really excited about this week because for the first time, someone will be crowned a champion! I want to thank you for all the emails. If you want to email me it is [email protected] . Alright lets start Impact Raw!

Impact Raws opening video ends and electricity is in the air as we are live in the Wachovia Center in Scranton, PA! We get a quick shot of all the fans that came out to see Impact Raw live! The camera pans over to the commentary table with Impact Raw commentators Tazz and Michael Cole. “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Impact Raw! I am here with my partner Tazz and we are blowing the roof of the Wachovia Center tonight!”  “Yeah Cole, the first champion in GCF history will be crowned tonight as Matt Morgan takes on Jeff Jarrett’s hand picked opponent for the Television Title!”  “Also Tazz, the final first round match of the X Division tournament will take place as it is Kaval vs. Primo, also Eric Bischoff has an announcement about the Tag Team Tournament.”  “Look Cole, Matt Morgan has just entered the ring with a mic! Let’s see what my favorite superstar has to say.”
“When I was in TNA, I was overshadowed, overlooked by everyone. I never got any championship opportunities; I never got any of the respect I deserved. Now I am in GCF, and I am undefeated. I have destroyed every single man in my path. I took down a man over 7 feet tall, without breaking a sweat. Now Jeff Jarrett thinks he intimidates me by having me face a mystery opponent? I have finally got a chance at a title and you think I am going to let anyone get in my way? Jeff, come down here right now, and tell me who I am facing tonight.” Jeff Jarrett’s music hits as he walks out and stands on the ramp. “Matt, I have seen what you have done these past couple of weeks, and I am not going to say that I’m not impressed, because I am. The problem is, here in GCF, we want quality matches that leave the fans in awe. So I went out and looked for an opponent for you that I thought could match up to you. Here he is Matt, the man you will be facing later tonight for the Television Title. Well……… It’s the Big Show!!
The Big Show comes out to a great reaction from the fans. Show walks down the ramp as Morgan flips out in the ring. Show gets to the ring and walks over the top rope. Show runs over to Morgan and clotheslines him over the ropes! Morgan lands hard on the outside and Big Show celebrates in the ring. “Tazz, what a match set for later tonight! Matt Morgan vs. The Big Show!” “Cole, I can’t argue with you there, TNA’s giant vs. WWE’s giant, it’s got to be a great match for the television title.”  “It’s gonna be great Tazz, but right now, two new superstars are debuting here in GCF!”  “Yeah Cole, my man Shark By from TNA and the Long Island Loudmouth Zack Ryder going head to head right now!”

Zack Ryder vs. Shark Boy

Ryder makes his way to the ring to loud boos as most people don’t like the Long Island Iced Z. The cocky superstar gets into the ring and taunts, showing off to the crowd. Shark Boy comes out to an okay reaction from the crowd, and gets in the ring ready to take on Ryder. The bell rings and Ryder runs at Shark Boy and boots him in the face. Shark Boy goes down and Ryder backs away. Shark Boy gets to his knees. Ryder runs against the ropes and viciously lariats Shark Boy back down. Ryder walks behind Shark Boy and grabs both of his arms, and curb stomps him face first to the mat! Ryder stomps on Shark Boy some more before grabbing Shark Boys mask and lifting him to his feet. Ryder runs against the ropes and jumps over Ryder for the Ruff Ryder! Ryder gets the pin One, Two, Three.

Winner- Zack Ryder

“What an impressive win for Zack Ryder, Tazz. He dominated that whole match, with a much more aggressive side than we have ever seen from him”  “Did you see that curb stomp, Cole? I have never seen that from Ryder, but I love it!” Ryder kicks Shark Boy out of the ring and shouts, “Woo, Woo, Woo, You know it!” before leaving the ring. We now go to the back where Todd Grisham is with Impact Raw Co-GM Eric Bischoff.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Eric Bischoff. Mr. Bischoff, I understand you have an announcement regarding the Tag Title Tournament?”  “Yes, after the attack by Beer Money a few weeks ago, Ink Inc will not be able to compete tonight, So I have disqualified them from the tournament. But because I am such a fair GM I have also disqualified Beer Money for attacking Ink Inc in the first place! So whoever wins the final first round match tonight, will get a bye to the finals of the tag team tournament. Also, if you are watching Mr. McMahon, I just wanted to show that I am a fair GM and I don’t need Jeff Jarrett. So the match at Domination isn’t necessary. That is all for now.” Eric walks away and we go back to the ring. Break the Walls Down!

Tag Team Title Tournament First Round
Chris Jericho and Christian vs. The Hart Dynasty

 Jericho and Christian enter the arena to a full house of boos from the fans. Neither men seem to mind as they both hop into the ring. The Hart Dynasty comes out to plenty of cheers from the crowd. Jericho decides he will go in first against the speedy Tyson Kidd. The bell ring and both men lock up and Jericho pushes Kidd to his corner and tags in Christian. Jericho holds Kidd in the corner while Christian gets in the ring and kicks Kidd in the gut. Jericho exits the ring as Christian continues the beat down on Kidd before locking Kidd up in a surfboard stretch. Christian has the hold in as Kid tries to kick his way out of it, but Christian won’t let up. David Hart Smith slams on the turnbuckle trying to get Kidd fired up. Kidd lifts his foot up and is able to kick Christian in the face which causes Christian to release the hold. Kidd grabs the rope and stands up. Kidd runs right at Christian and kicks him several times in the gut and the legs. Kidd Irish Whips Christian, but Christian reverses and tosses Kidd into the ropes. Kidd comes back and dropkicks Christian. Christian is stunned, and Kidd take full advantage by rolling Christian up quick, One, Two, kick out at two. Both man stand and get in each other’s face, before Christian slaps Kidd across the face hard. Christian grabs Kidd and slams him down for a Falling Inverted DDT. Christian goes for the pin, One, Two, kick out at two by Kidd. Christian angrily stands up. Christian grabs Kidd’s neck and lifts him to his feet and kicks him in the gut. Christian runs against the ropes, but Kidd picks Christian up and nails a Samoan Drop out of no where! The fans rally behind Kidd to tag in his partner. Kidd army crawls over to Kidd, but Christian follows and grabs his foot. Kidd is inches away from Smith, but Christian won’t let go of his leg. Kidd hops to his foot and kicks Christian away. Kidd tags in Smith and he runs in on fire as he clotheslines Christian down and then punches Jericho off the apron. Smith clotheslines Christian again and then powerslams Christian as he tried to run back at Smith. Smith covers for a pin, One, Two, kick out. Smith quickly stands and brings Christian with him. Smith lifts Christian on to his shoulders setting him up for his signature Running Powerslam. Smith has Christian on his shoulders and spins around, causing Christian to kick the referee in the face by mistake. The referee is down and Christian slides behind Smith. Christian pushes Smith right into a Codebreaker from Jericho! Christian grabs Smiths arms and…..Killswitch! Jericho sneaks in the ring, and hits a Codebreaker on Smith, followed by a Killswitch! Christian covers, One, Two, Three, Jericho and Christian win!!

Winners- Chris Jericho and Christian

“What a finish Cole! A Codebreaker and Killswitch combo on Smith to win it! Jericho and Christian move on to the finals and will face MCMG or Team 3D at Domination for the tag titles!”  “Whatever Tazz, they still used underhanded tactics to get into this tournament by attacking The Hardcore Originals.”  “Hey, you know I love Sabu and Dreamer, but I also love Jericho and Christian. So it’s a toss up for me.” Jericho and Christian celebrate up the ramp before leaving the arena.” The camera goes to the general manager’s office where Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff are arguing. “Jeff this is why I have was the first choice to be general manager; I know what I am doing.”  “Eric, we need to decide right now what were going to do with Kurt Angle. He has some valid points, he deserves a shot, but he still hasn’t really earned it.”  “He’s the best in the world, he doesn’t need to earn it, Jeff.”  “Alright Eric, Listen. We have a lot of main event guys here that want their chance, including Kurt. So at Domination, lets have a Fatal Four Way match. The winner will be the new number one contender and will face the world champion.”  “You know Jeff, that’s not a bad idea. Who do you have in mind?”  Jeff smiles and tells the cameraman to leave. We go back to the arena. “Wow Cole, who do you think Jeff has in mind?”  “I have no idea Tazz, but I am sure we are in for a treat come Domination.” “I cant wait Cole, but right now we have the final first round match in the X Division Tournament as Kaval faces Primo right now.”

X Division Tournament Round One
Kaval vs. Primo
Primo makes his entrance to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Kaval comes out to a loud reaction of cheers from the fans and we are ready to start the final round of the X Division Tournament! The bell rings and both men circle the ring before finally locking up. Primo pushes Kaval into the corner, and releases the hold, and backs up. Primo runs back at the corner, but Kaval move out of the way. Kaval springboards off the second ropes and kicks Primo back into the corner. Kaval backs up and runs at Primo in the corner, performing the Tidal Crush! Primo falls to the ground and Kaval smiles. Kaval crawls up to the top turnbuckle, and jumps down for the Warriors Way! Kaval jumps on Primo like a cat, One, Two, Three, Kaval wins a very quick match!

Winner- Kaval

“Well that was quick Cole! Kaval moves on in the X Division Tournament and now it will be Kaval vs. Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler vs. Amazing Red, and Homicide vs. Evan Bourne with the winners going on to the Ultimate X match for the X Division Championship!”  “Those are gonna be great matches next week Tazz. How about the match that is up next though? Two contenders for the Intercontinental Championship will face off right now as ROH star Tyler Black will take on The Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

Tyler Black vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry makes his entrance to a whole lot of boos from the crowd. Henry does not care at all as he walks up the stairs into the ring. Henry flexes to the crowd, and the boos get louder. Tyler Black makes his entrance and the boos become cheers for the popular Indy Superstar. Black slides into the ring and he doesn’t look intimidated by Henry. The bell rings and both men meet in the middle of the ring. Black gets right in Henry’s face, only to be shoved by Henry. Black comes right back and throws some quick punches right back that pushes Henry back a little before Henry throws a big punch to Black that puts Black on one knee. Henry takes advantage and kicks Black in the gut. Henry quickly lifts Black up and puts him in a bear hug. Henry squeezes as tight as he can, and Black is gasping for air. Black punches Henry in the head, but Henry doesn’t release the hold. Black is holding his back in pain, but continues to punch Henry in the head. Henry is forced to let go. Black backs into the corner, and Henry runs and body splashes Black in the corner. Black falls to the ground and Henry backs up, only to jump down and splash the fallen Black, One, Two, No. Black kicks out by somehow getting his shoulder up. Henry picks Black up and Irish Whips him into the ropes, and then flips Black over him for a back body drop. Henry laughs at Black, and then looks at the corner. Henry smiles and drags Black close to the corner turnbuckle. Henry uses the ropes to aid him and gets to the second rope. Henry jumps down and splashes Black from the second rope! Henry is on top for a pin, One, Two, Black somehow kicks out! Henry is amazed that Black could still kick out. Henry slowly lifts Black up and puts him in position for the Worlds Strongest Slam. Henry holds Black there for a second, but he waited to long and black wiggles out of it and gets in front of Henry. Black quickly hits a big boot on the big man that sends Henry into the ropes. Black runs at Henry and chops his leg, causing Henry to go to his knees. Black takes advantage and DDT’s Henry while Henry was on his knees. Henry is finally down and Black slowly makes his way to the corner. Black hops up on the turnbuckle and stands on the very top. Black turns around and jumps for a Corkscrew 450 splash, but Henry moves out of the way and Blacks lands right on the mat. Henry quickly grabs the ropes and gets to his feet, then grabs Black and again puts him in position for the Worlds Strongest Slam, but this time he does it! Henry slams Black down hard with a Worlds Strongest Slam, and goes for the pin, One, Two; Blacks foot is on the rope! Henry yells at the referee why he didn’t count three then notices Blacks foot. Henry pulls Blacks foot off the rope and goes for another pin, hooking both legs this time, One, Two, Black kicks out! Henry pounds his huge fists to the mat and gets in referees face about the count. Henry shouts “Lets see if you can take two!” Henry lifts Black up by his long hair, but Black breaks free and BAM! A Superkick out of nowhere! Henry falls to the mat, and Black pulls him away from the ropes. Black runs against the ropes, and then performs a running shooting star press on Henry! Black covers, One, Two, Three!!

Winner-Tyler Black!!

Black jumps off Henry and out of the ring! Black celebrates on the outside while Henry flips out on the inside of the ring. Black runs up the ramp with his hand raised and the fans cheer louder than they have all night! Henry exits the ring and kicks the steel stairs and yells at the fans. “Cole, that match was awesome! Tyler Black comes out of no where and gets the upset win over The Worlds Strongest Man! I thought Henry had the match won, but Black took advantage of an opportunity and got the win!”  “This will definitely put Black up there in both managers’ books when it comes to who will get a shot at the IC title.” Before anything else can be said, Samoa Joes music hits and Joe walks down the ramp, eye balling Henry before getting in the ring and grabbing a mic.
“Kurt Angle! I told you that if you did ANYTHING to make me lose that match last week, that I would find you, and end your career! But you know what Kurt? I am going to wait, because unlike you, I have a world championship match at Domination to look forward too. After I beat Edge at Domination, I know I will have many challenges ahead of me. I also know that eventually, I will face you again with the title on the line, and that is when, I will end your career. I will end it when you have everything on the line, when you have one last chance to taste glory, and I get to kill your hopes.” It’s a shame for they, lost their head. Sheamus walks down the ramp and Joe sits in the ring wondering what he is doing out here. Sheamus walks in the ring without a mic in hand and just looks at Joe. “I don’t know who you think you are or if you know who you are dealing with here Sheamus, but if I were you I would leave now.” Sheamus smiles, and from behind its Kurt Angle attacking Joe! Angle kicks Joe down, but Joe fights back. Joe is able to get Angle off of him, but when Joe stands, Sheamus runs and kicks him with a Brogue Kick! Joe is out and Angle regains himself. Angle walks behind Joe and locks in a Ankle Lock. Angle screams “I’m gonna end YOUR career Joe!”  Sheamus kicks Joes head while Angle tries to break Joe’s ankle with Angles signature Ankle Lock. You think you know me! Edge runs down the ramp to make the save and slides into the ring. Sheamus attempts a Brogue Kick, but Edge ducks under it, rebounds off the ropes, and Spears Sheamus! Angle releases the hold and tries to attack Edge from behind, but Edge ducks underneath and boots Angle in the face. Angle is down as the fans chant “Spear!” and Edge gets into a corner. Edge stalks Angle and when Angle stands, Edge runs and perfectly executes a spear on Angle! Edge is on fire as he walks over to Joe, who has made it to his feet. Edge walks over to Joe and they both have a stare down. Edge nods at Joe and leaves the ring and exits the arena with his back to Joe. The fans chant “Edge and Joe!” as Joe stands in the ring, trying to understand what just happened.
In the back we see Big Show heading to the ring, as we get ready for our main event here on GCF. Back to the ring, Tazz and Cole are talking about the Joe situation. “I still don’t get it Tazz. Why did Edge of all people come out and make the save?”  “I don’t really know either Cole. Right now though, the first ever champion will be crowned right now!”

Television Championship
Matt Morgan vs. Big Show

Big Show comes out to a loud reaction from the crowd. The Giant high fives fans before walking over the top rope. Big Show gets into his corner, and Matt Morgan makes his entrance. The fans boo at the undefeated Morgan, but as always, he doesn’t care. Morgan gets into the ring and keeps his distance from the smiling Big Show. The Bell rings and Big Show goes right at Morgan, but Morgan avoids him and throws Show into the corner. Morgan kicks him in the gut, until Big Show shoves Morgan away. Morgan stands back astonished that Show could push him. Show takes advantage and big boots Morgan down! Show kicks Morgan some more, before going for a cover, one, kick out at one. Show stands and lift Morgan up. Big Show body slams Morgan and is dominating the match. Show shouts to the crowd, getting pumped up. Show Irish whips the now standing Morgan and sidewalk slams Morgan hard to the mat. Big Show covers, One, Two, No! Show stands and pumps his fist, ready to delver a knock out punch. Morgan stands, and ducks underneath the punch. Morgan clotheslines Big Show, but it doesn’t knock him down. Show is stunned, so Morgan runs against the roes and boots Show in the face. The boot knocks Show into the corner, and Morgan runs at him and body avalanches the Big Show. Show still won’t go down, so Morgan removes his elbow pads and repeatedly elbows Big Show in the head. Morgan moves and Big Show falls flat on his face. Morgan covers Show, One, Two, Kick out by Show. Morgan stands and stomps on Show some more, and then goes for another cover, One, Two, kick out again by Show. Morgan stands and stalks Show to stand. Show stands and Morgan goes for another big clothesline, but Show grabs Morgan’s neck! Show yells at Morgan before lifting him up. Morgan slides out of Big Shows grasp and ends up behind Show. Show turns around, and Morgan somehow lifts Show up into a firemen carry position! Morgan spins Show and drops him! Morgan F5’s Big Show! Morgan drapes his arm over Show for the pin, One, Two, kick out at two! Big Show some how kicked out of that vicious F5! Morgan stands right up and gets face to face with the referee about the two count. Morgan backs up and shouts for Big Show to stand. It takes Show a while, but when he finally does, Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint, but Show moves out of the way, causing Morgan to get his foot stuck in the corner. This allows Show some time to recover, as Morgan frantically attempts to get his foot free. Morgan does and goes at Big Show, but Big Show throws his famous knock out punch, but Morgan again ducks underneath it! Big Show accidentally hits the knock out punch on the referee! The ref falls to the ground, but Big Show turns around and goes for another punch. This time though, it connects to Morgan and Morgan is knocked out cold! Show falls on top of Morgan, but the ref is knocked out! Show rolls off of Morgan and goes over towards the referee. Show tries to wake him up, but the referee is completely out cold. Show cant get him up, but we see that another referee is running down the ramp. Show signals for him to hurry up, and when the referee gets into the ring, Show immediately covers Morgan, One, Two, MORGAN KICKS OUT! Big Show stands and picks the referee up by his shirt yelling about the count. The referee signals for Show to put him down and he does. The referee doesn’t call for the disqualification, but we see that Morgan has crawled to his feet. Big Show turns around and walks towards Morgan, but Morgan runs and hits a Carbon Footprint out of no where! Morgan falls on top of Big Show, One, Two, and Three!!! Matt Morgan is the Television Champion!  

Winner and NEW Television Champion- Matt Morgan!!

Morgan hops off Show and screams in excitement. The referee gives him the title and Morgan raises it high so everyone can see. “Matt Morgan is the first ever champion here in GCF, can you believe it Cole?”  “No Tazz, I really can’t believe that Morgan beat the Big Show. It was an extremely impressive showing and he definitely deserves that belt.”  “Well I’m sure we will get the honor of hearing from Morgan next week, but this week, we are out of time. We will see you next week, on Impact Raw” The final image is the referee putting the belt around Morgan’s waist, while Big Show lies there dejected and hurt.




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